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1 VERY fUNNY dOGS 6 on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:36 am

It's lame.

makemelaughlolz 3 weeks ago

it was sad when the puppy fell in the pool i feel like crying.

Jorge Steven Acuna 3 weeks ago

cool iv got a cool video its on my page its a dog one but funnyer

tarkan cetin 1 month ago

ha ha

arvin zamani 2 months ago

Seeeeen these

james rickard 2 months ago

Cute and funny but i feel bad for the little dog that fell in the water

lindseylwp 2 months ago

at 1:05 the dog has boobs

bnsf18 3 months ago

it wos goot

Lauren Duncan 3 months ago in playlist cool/cute/funny vids

lol at 2:10

yorkiesrock542 3 months ago

lmfao 1:50 just like me

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