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iPhone 5: Super Glued to Ground in Amsterdam (Leidseplein)

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dumb ass bitch @ 1:47
sayswai 1 giờ trước
im gunna do the same prank without glue. o.o
twopinkieonestinky 2 giờ
lol agreed. asshat. lol. imma use that. Very Happy
twopinkieonestinky trả lời MsCuteandCrazy (Hiển thị nhận xét) 2 giờ
It was funny until you started acting like an asshat.
MsCuteandCrazy trả lời cmb271 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 3 giờ
Watch the bubble
isaimofo 3 giờ
Why would I, all it takes is you stupid sandmonkeys to do something wrong and piss the USA off enough and we'd blow you and your shitty language off the face of the earth.
cmb271 trả lời algeneral240 (Hiển thị nhận xét) 5 giờ
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i dind it sick how some people carelsessly try to kick it

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