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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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These tend to "hot hard to resist" the young

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These tend to "hot hard to resist" the young Gt7
Recently, the youth have started a new trend but a series of impromptu nature but equally creative, expressing the personality of the young generation. The movement spread quickly and are discussing a stir on the social networking site.

A. Shooting style "hard support"

Photo "fly girl": Movement stems from the phenomenon of "Natsumi Hayashi" - as she was flying overhead in all positions - which is very "hot" in Japan. This trend stems from the idea of ​​"suspended in the air to clear away all the pressure is common in daily life rush."

Photo "fly girl"

Vietnam ... Young quickly create many types of capture "and inconclusive goldfish" very artistic .... Young Vietnam has quickly create many types
capture "and inconclusive goldfish" very artistic.

"Picture in Picture": "Dear Photograph" appeared late last year, was initiated in Canada and quickly spread all over the world including Vietnam. This is a photo taken to integrate past at present, understand other way is to transplant an old photo background to hew out why. Movement requires teen must be observant and observant to capture that "although the first two."

"Picture in Picture": "Dear Photograph"

Image formed by hand: "Body Symbol" are enchanted world of young and Vietnam with the hands to create numbers, letters or hearts to help convey the message subtly but still impressive. The trick is often used to the guy "to the province" with her very well.

Image formed by hand: "Body Symbol"

Two. Facebook application-independent hard-hit Vietnam's youth

Doraemon-style fortune telling: Last February last, fortune telling fun application called "Que by admin" was released was not known how attractive the young. Based content on the hexagram fortune Doraemon comic pieces prepared with style humor, entertainment is key.

Doraemon-style fortune telling

Movement "When I say ... people think ...": For the purpose of "fun is the" but this trend does not only make viewers laugh, but behind that is to share different perspectives on the same an incident. So know, the imagination of teenagers is also soaring losses.

Profound laugh with "When I say ... People think" Laughter profound with "When I say ... People think"

3. Snacks "delicious hard to resist"

Teen is "Lord" snacks with long solid list of familiar street foods such as fried corn, grilled chicken legs, cake mix, milk tea ... The teen is also an expert collecting new items, strange and to invite your friends to delicious hybrid rai. More than a month now, Vietnamese community has raised teenagers tend to eat cassava crackers - a new snack product labels Poca.

The Vietnamese teen is "fever" with Tapioca movement Crunchy snack food - food is combined with traditional Vietnamese daiCac teen is "fever" with movement Crunchy snack Tapioca
combines traditional dishes with modern

Made from 100% fresh cassava slice, cassava crunchy snack is two nutty flavor: Beef Seafood Grill and Sushi Next, hit right on love psychology "eat in" and like to experience new dishes of world young. These crunchy slices of cassava medium straw, with fragrant flavor that strange but familiar in a tightly packed, modern teen can easily enjoy any time.
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