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The people who like "call processing" love

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Relationship status on Facebook is always in a state of "Single", ask your friends have a boyfriend yet, he shook his head. His girlfriend when he knew it was startled: "Yeah? I stealth in any way ...? "

Who likes to eat rice ... love?

Hai Nam (Trung Vuong High School Grade 12, District 1) does not want publicity lover because "I hate the small binding and do not want to interfere too much in private life."

Handsome male celebrities to be sociable when online, see your lovely woman who, he is comfortable "holding of" but without acknowledging his girlfriend's feelings.

Not only are there new son ... to hide the disease like heart who love to drop to "Leaders" places where girls sometimes too. You Thuy Dung (grade 11 schools, Gia Dinh, Binh Thanh District) playing with a worship team means you are single.

"The friends I had no one knows who loves her almost a year and always keep it secret even with her about her best friend," Dung said. Occasionally, when capacity is welcome who love small school but told friends it was his brother.

In a state of "single, attractive, yet not all out" like that, the number of satellites around more and more capacity. Did you eat with rice ... love the bad situation good single like that?

Keep one heart "Leaders" are not easily

Like to justify the "Leaders" such sentiment everywhere, Hainan said: "Small should understand that although you have to go out with one another in small hearts is most important. What you need is a personal life free enough alone. " However, in the story "lost" the love of the most ... love this cake was the most painful.

"Many times, I cried when listening to friends tell that Nam was flirting with a certain girls. Nam says he loves the freedom should not binding and still know where his daughter to understand the attachment.

Freedom necessarily lost enough to find places like that? Wandering heart drop when you already have "terminal" is not any public body betray you? ", The words of My Hanh (Trung Vuong High School, District 1), the girlfriend of Hainan, is also sure all words you are trying to "tie" your lover have sex.

So, what you are turning your lover into the blood invisible to him ... before the image of his suffering beyond the limit.

Do not you have the real freedom, you do look back and see that: Although "Leaders" go anywhere, my heart belongs only to wait a certain station, why he turned to port, you okay?
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