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Good bride

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The instruments have a saying "take their pain, loss of neighborhood dogs" to say on the harmful effects of pain but no proverb which praised the draft gentle bride, who can be "saved" are both a family.

Country rich girl bride

From the beginning she did not like Life Aquatic bride. Cards which are rustic girl. After 4 years on the University of Hanoi, rustic nature away just slightly. Generally, from voice to your dress, still well up in sharp leg Shui countryside, rural areas. Her feeling is that the "famous noble family." Although retired, but his forces are so large, she is still pulling to the house of guests nuom nuop always crowded. Therefore, she did not want to see her daughter into the wrong hotel Osin.

Although she strongly opposed, Trung was determined to get her in it. I do not speak, her mortification Tho accepted but never forgotten for her youngest daughter biting words, ill-will. Knowing the fiercely maternal capital, Trung said just to placate her with hope time will erase the pain and she soon will you.

Bride workshop - 1

Although her husband does not like, but still very dedicated Marine (Artwork).

Ms Tho has three sons. All are married and live in the big house of his grandparents in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh. Two big sister should have the house well-dressed, the free recycling. They communicate very cleverly so she was pleased Tho. She always praised the two major oil and constantly compared with their Marine. Hua's mother took her husband, both her sister as maid Water view of the family. Although foreign banks to make wages equal to a thousand dollars but the Cards still ignored. She was so accustomed to the "home country".

Difficult to know at heart Workshop

Their lives are certainly nothing changes if tragedy does not happen. In a new Bentley driving a car purchase to go play golf, so not used to driving, grandparents Tho accident. Survived but he was so weak she Tho. They had been bedridden. The first time, two large bride were very compassionate parents. They buy snacks and comforting grandparents Tho. But what touched this place is only about 2 months. Then, in turn requires two large family out of home with great reason children need space and quiet study. And of course, their time to care, visiting grandparents also thinned over time.

Initially, the family maid grandparents care but none bear the mood swings of his Life. So things heaped on Ms. Thuy. Even though you have to leave the newly promoted to the head of salary $ 5,000 / month. She looked after him silently berates her for hours, lead extraction. Who were her pride so he can not bear the image of emaciated, collapsed. He insisted on her Life was dead. When not dead, he said her weight with the children.

He yelled at her all Marine Life turned to tell my parents Shui. Marine swallow every tear on the inside. She made very good natural role of good daughter. She takes care of his parents than taking care of yourself. Winter and summer, Mr. and Mrs. Tho never be upset about the carelessness of the bride.

Bride Workshop - 2

With her heart of Thuy altruism, family reunion back again

Cards show care with all my heart grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tho less pessimistic. They see his illness with a more positive eye.

However, life is not as peaceful as they expected. Seeing my parents situation there is not much progress, the two large tables together to claim division of property. Insists they take a villa worth a hundred billion that grandparents and family Life Aquatic living.

Mr. and Mrs. Tho trying to be disabled but do not hold. Her husband wanted to come out Cards "fight" but Ms. Thuy said: "The health of parents is most important now. My family was not rich but not poor. Based on the amount you save a couple, I think we have enough to worry parents. Well sister, he divided his small house in Thanh Xuan. I brought my parents were there in advance. Litigation, then there really is more demanding, but everyone is tired. Now I just wish my parents could walk again. His wife the best intensive care parents, bring parents to treatment. I do not want competition. "

Water should listen to the whole family moved to tears. Four people together to live in a small house in Thanh Xuan. Several large villas and apartments in several tens of billion big buildings belong Pacific Vincom or two big boys. Of course, the two major owners are only "the flesh". That is, they take the red book in hand but not sold because he was certain she Tho refused to name.

But only with the understanding of "the flesh", they also earn tens of billion each year due to the lease. The new powerful currency that can be divided family.

Do not understand very moved by the devoted care of the bride or the youngest being cornered, vitality she soon returned with his Life. About a year after being fired from a large mansion, Mr. and Mrs. Tho light can travel. Streak grandparents also much more pleasant. At that time, Ms. Thuy go back to work but of course, this time her salary was not high as it once was superbly. That does not make her upset.

Healthy again, he returned her Tho true nature "is cast iron, with steel" of his. He regained all her two unfilial son. Grandparents do not give them even a single penny. All fortune to his wife her husband Shui.

But once again she Cards made all by surprise. She asked her parents forgive her. She said: "What we want most parents recover. And I also hope his family back the same. He was wrong and she wants a chance at redemption. What though he was the son of her parents. My parents let me go back the way you light ".

Any forgiveness must take time. But her heart of Thuy altruism that all emotional. The family reunion. Everybody tried to forget the old story to build a family full of laughter.
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