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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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My mother wanted to keep the household money

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My mother wanted to keep the household money Money_saving-ideas-household-1.1-800x800
Married for over 1 year, with children 4 months, the couple is living with his parents. A few days ago, he found his wife told her husband have taken money out of gold and mother-keeping.

I do not want to be dependent but do not know how to not be resentful mother just said "Yes, there was" let go. Any doubt last night, she asked her husband to make him confused about this.

After the wedding, just as he and his wife get a little gold and pre-wedding, her parents told both sides to keep, make capital raising children. My husband was told to bring light to send thanks to all parents to secure safe, but do not you, talk to her husband purchased separately placed on room safes.

"I've been married, have children, they also mature and women. I would like to own economic decisions about their small family. I give money to her fear of the scene then it's hard to get back at much "- he said.

However, light or remind her husband that made her this dilemma. Refusing to lose our fear that her husband said, the light did not know that word smart choice.

My mother wanted to keep the household money

It is embarrassing because suddenly her husband suggested that households hold money Thuy (Tu Liem, Hanoi). Thuy young wife, the same age should have a habit of "make any money, it targets the same." When you have children, Thuy stay home without pay, spending in both the husband and mother in law apartment for rent. Fortunately, Thuy little baby got sick, my husband from just doing it temporarily, but not about economic abundance, but not so short after missing before.

"Suddenly, her husband told next month, the rent and the salary of her husband put off for safe-keeping. Activities, meals and milk money, diapers for her, she will self-balance. The rest, she told her husband will buy less each month to accumulate gold because I only know standard "online promotion", thinking there is little capital of any body armor child "- Thuy said.

However, Thuy told since having children, she also pulls and smart collection that foresight, rather than "throwing money" drop down as before. Shared it with her reasons for her husband but her husband Thuy said: "No one" citrus "that takes care of him in her way. I kept to my grandchildren and me ". Although self-management would like to spend their small family but Thuy is not known to say that her husband sympathy.

Drag her husband into the

If her husband wants in on the scene keeping the money, and I did not, his bride should not be a "prop". Many young couples, living with his parents about spending it in the house are provided on a relationship - mother in law. However, when married women have children who are also looking forward to it as "internal minister" with his small family, though living with his parents. Therefore, to avoid the hassle of money that may arise later, as well as to present independent role, its growth, the couple should be economically self. The couple should discuss among themselves on the activities for her contribution to her husband every month. If grandparents care for grandchildren because they charge extra as little more and contribute to.

If parents are interested in keeping her husband, the bride pre-need clever, though it also does not want to say is: "Let me ask you about me." Then husband and wife can refuse to stand out instead: "We then that great mother. Mother to us every self-management ". Then, she pushed her husband would not have hurt.

If the husband also sided with the mother, or wife is to give money to every mother kept the wife need smart "campaign" husband, indicating her husband found themselves pulled smart collection, know how to spend properly, is "purse strings" science for her husband, children, the husband and wife will be assured to keep the fund.

Many wives spend default order in the story is the story of the woman to her husband when she offered to keep the household money is very confused, not knowing the star treatment. Meanwhile, behavior and performance is simply the support of her husband on their side. Then, she will easily eat strawberries is easy to say, for example: "Mom, I then ask the child. He told her any time for us to manage it. " This will help the sound of her offended husband.
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