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Women work more with computers

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Women work more with computers Woman-phone-293jt032712
The number of women working with computers on a lot, but you do not know that much work with a computer can make you age faster without knowing it.

This era is the era of digital technology, more modern, but the reverse is also much that is bad. A study by cosmetic surgeons of England, Dr. Michael Prager, proved so.

Sitting posture for hours at a computer can do for our facial muscles torn down and where wrinkles appear more suddenly. Sister accidentally office do not realize that the focus first on the computer screen will easily do yourself to the most frowned. While the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes is what makes you fear the most is you do not realize that the computer is one of the "culprit" that causes it. Because to look down a long screen that many women are self-formed yourself a retracted position as ancient turtle neck, because the neck muscles become shorter and started driving. This can even make you 10 years older than it really is.

7 exercises in the office to redress the

To keep in shape, look young and healthy, although the nature of work to sit much with your computer, you should also keep in mind the following seven simple exercises:

A. Do not stare at computer screens long.

Two. Every half hour, then re-move the neck.

3. Get up and walk around.

4. Adjust the seat posture after about 1 hour.

Five. Move your shoulders in a certain period of time.

6. Try not to play down the front of the screen pendant.

7. Move your facial muscles feel if you maintain the same position in a long time.

Cosmetic surgeon and consultant, Anshuman Manaswi that use computers for long hours will lead to not only skin lesions but also caused many other problems, as there always have to focus your eyes, in when there is no movement of the neck, shoulders should be very harmful. Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Prager recommend you sit to work with your computer, these movements should be at the desk or some exercises between the break ... "As we move his facial muscles, it keeps the shape of the face distortion. In any case focused on a computer screen that does not move easily lead to sagging facial muscles .. . will be very difficult to repair later. "

From a scientific standpoint, Dr. Mohan Thomas, cosmetic surgeon, said the main reason to destroy the skin when working with computers because the electromagnetic waves emitted by computer monitors. Because you are highly concentrated in the work should tend to forget his face. Monday electromagnetic radiation affects the skin's pores. So the best way to prevent this is to wash your face after using the computer and keep your skin moisture and fit combined with gentle massage.
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