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Combining exercise with users ... computer

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Combining exercise with users ... computer 38400528using_computer_04
Using computer combined with exercise will help reduce the risk of dementia later in life.

A recent study by Mayo Clinic, healthcare organizations leading the United States showed that the combined use of computers with exercise helps reduce the risk of dementia. While, if only doing one of two does not work.

Participants were studied generation "baby boomers", those born during the second World War to the 1960s, has been implementing moderate exercise like brisk walking and using computer.

The results showed that, at present, these people risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is lower than 64% compared to those who do not exercise or use computers. MCI syndrome cognitive decline, including memory and language, but still perform daily activities.

According to Live Science, the study was conducted with 926 people aged 70-93 living in the province of Olmsted, Minnesota, USA. Participants are asked if you ever perform moderate physical activity such as brisk walking, climbing, aerobic exercise, yoga, weightlifting and how often their assignments, as well as the use computer. Of the 205 who did not exercise and do not use computers, there are 41 people with MCI (20%). Of the 314 who made both only 20 people with MCI (6%).

The researchers speculate, combining exercise and computer use direct positive impact to the brain. Exercise can increase the production of factors prolonged the survival of neurons. Also use computers as well as stimulate intellectual activity will increase the connectivity in the brain.

However, the group also recommended, because the study only done within a province of America, so not sure if this result can be applied to other countries. Furthermore, the use of computers can also lead to lifestyle delaying and not conducive to health.
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