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I panic because her husband!

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1I panic because her husband! Empty I panic because her husband! Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:37 pm



I panic because her husband! 1336121637-mechongghegom-tam-eva2
Listen to her husband told her husband about to play, I feel fear and panic.

My husband said, a few days to visit her mother, she will be able to play a month. I heard that worried all day. Just last year she is up 2 months to help the kids because my husband was young then old news too, not to send children. I had a mother, wife and I also assured to work. But only the first week only, then how many things happen to me and then calculated the mind.

I looked but did not want to stay at home mom, she just carried me through the house to house in the neighborhood, sat her little gossip with her neighbors to wear vóc land, roll out shelves neighbor Chile. Sitting bored her mother to go out on the street closing. On hearing that the neighbor said: "Seeing her hard, the sun so that the old guy caught her and carried themselves in the streets forever." I am also surprised at this because it is long, very old news to my house looks, no one ever calls started. When she is not out, looked down her grandmother, old news is still subject to playing indoors.

I panic because her husband! - 1Toi also surprised with this because it is long, very old news to my house looks, no one ever calls started. (Artwork)

My husband and I told her that "her two children at home for a cool game, holding her mother away just tired, suffering the heat medium." The mother is well protected rangm gianm we impose mother, a mother lost our freedom. Next is the mother what my husband wanted to buy all thanks to her little neighbor while she did not ask me. So much is said through her neighbors say together, "I did it should be hard old women do not dare ask for help."

Meanwhile, her husband knew that I had prepared for her from the towel, sandals to some new clothes, and told her I did not forget to buy or use something just told me. When damaged cu news, I was child, Bangladesh ass child, her mother told some neighbors that I was a basket with fork, flexing her mother. Then my husband's job to work out more, the time my wife and I have said by saying a few sentences, she had to talk with neighbors worried that my husband went to feed his wife and children but I was jealous.

Mother looked me up so I told the mother not working, she just looks grandchildren, because I know old news the day she looked very tired. I brought the supper dishes to wash, she said I'm afraid she does not clean the dishes. Older news fever, crying a lot, I'm afraid so hard at home mother resigned to take children, the mother told me that she did not look scared me. Then she again or deductive, to hear me say something that she thought I was referring to her mother. Mother showed angry, sad transmission, telling her she looked out to him and not go in for his son, daughter in law.

I began to see things get tricky. To the mother's diet as I do not know how. Mother thin capital, but to abstain from all food, served with rice on Monday, she almost did not eat rice, I have to go shopping and do not know how to cook anymore, because most dishes she'd abstain. My husband and I told her not to abstain too good for the angry mother.

I panic because her husband! - 2Toi begin to see things get tricky. To the mother's diet as I do not know how. (Artwork)

Then the mother's spine disease recurrence, my husband brought her doctor concerned, I leave the kids, buy medicine for her mother. I then cu news for Kindergarten. Lighter weight when maternal illness of fever, insomnia than weeks. Under these circumstances, my wife and I talk to each other as well treat her, then she wanted to play the mother in, and then to her mother wanted to go on. So anyway I send to young and old news.

Hearing that she was sick, my husband my husband, the husband I hurry to visit his mother. Morning pick people up when I see everyone happy, the husband told his mother here, the better a treat just stayed with my wife and I play, when they want to go on, as old news also sent It's late. My husband is younger sister she tiu headline you, but I went to work on my lunch that everyone attitude change, he then told the mother about always tomorrow, but my sister indifferent husband, talking before hedge welcome back. I know that during a stay at home, my husband's mother had said something bad about me. So the next morning the mother along with him and my husband married her sister. When the mother bin rin, sniffed her split with some neighbors, but she did not tell me any question. I shall have nothing to worry hearts, or guilty because I did not do anything, say anything or not treated in time with her mother in with us. But really I feel very tired.

After her mother home, I heard the information is relative, a neighbor asked my mother to the home country boy in the city is full but lean back on again too. Mother told me to look for them because it is not hard but said her mother is due to spinal disease recurrence. Many languages ​​as I was treated no better daughter to her mother because the mother's interpretation of my thoughts though, I live well, to be kind to parents. My husband and I are living and working in Hanoi. But if for some reason I have to live with her husband, I'm afraid I will not be spent over two months since close to her husband, I feel very difficult. Now hear me tell her husband to play, I was a crisis, a crisis that night I lost sleep over worry not knowing what would happen again.

Sometimes good, but her husband and daughter every aversion, causing the sound, making each other hard. Why not look favorably on each other. Why her husband and daughter have any aggression, conflict? I was really depressed.
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