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Annoyed with new bride

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Annoyed with new bride Andrewjohns_wedding_narrowweb__300x450,0
Ngoc also quickly swallowed down Australian Department of belly news, anyway I believe her grandparents going to have a legitimate business guy is worth to rejoice ...
Ms. Ngoc not all be happy to marry the son's beautiful wife, young son back home wealthy, only to discover it was, she spoke to some old friends on the charges of "innocent as she first" bride of the new ...

Ms. Jade's new bride was 20, the youth, youthful vigor exposure MOT, unfortunately still eat, sleep too, so even if you keep alternating with mother in law, they are only a few days is Tu - her daughter Jade "the whole picture" is overly pretty girls, indifferent to the very heart ...

Just 7 hours chic new Tu eyes back up, despite her groping Jade awoke from over 6 hours, Ms. Ngoc sure whether the city should not be up late too, will become habit. Signs wife is sure to know the late, get up early, lo breakfast for everyone, to manage, clean house.

Tu immediately shot back: "Mommy, home is where one must go to work early, cooking morning for hard work that I do not save the few. 7 am I got up, ran to the market buzzing, buy food, breakfast foods, it's still relaxing on the time that mother. "

That is the reason of the word, to claim the extra half hour sleep. Ngoc very frustrating, but also spent liable for her husband and son were told it is because she likes to buy into the world instead of just slow down it does not matter, because Ms. Jade, the couple retired, his son open the company Private, 9 am to the company all is fine. Her husband was told two newly married, she should leave them a little freedom, do not behave like her mother in law strict feudal.

Each time she wanted to teach for Tu in order, she found every reason to avoid. (Artwork)

Husband and father is her husband "sympathy", Cixi mood to make her "complete course as her first", like when her parents are so wrapped inside.

Clumsy cook, she told her husband should attend a cooking class, Tu told her husband a few weeks how well the function, see the food is short, but his parents old, too rich diet smart, then living with diabetes, heart disease, just select some cooked food, healthy cooking again, but some simple dishes that just need to learn her husband, no need to go to school where.

Tu is not careful about washing her radical performance advantage of the washing machine, anything from shoes and bark blankets, rugs, clothing, she will serve out the washing machine. Many day she plugged the washing machine, then go to work, suffering her only release Jade at exposure, everything in the washing machine upside down to keep eyestrain.

Tu particularly hate washing dishes, her husband several times to "modeling" for the bride, but then every time washing dishes Tu finished, she had to secretly get her husband to go wash dishes. Mother in law saw all day every pile filter with dishes, cooking, Tu told her husband she will invest in a microwave, dishwasher, so the mother in law, daughters are not hard.

Ms. Jade has complained about the old days she was a miserable bride how her strict husband was, Tu laughs guests: "Mother, mother miserable old bride, mother afraid her husband would do it? So perhaps your mother caught you now have to suffer, fear her, while she only wanted to see me as only daughter ... ".

Each time she wanted to teach for Tu in order, she found every reason to avoid, Tu also told her to absorb much slower, have taught themselves through what she Ngoc son, and let him teach only the uterus is ...

Reasoning and behavior of Tu Ngoc many times made her upset, frustrated. She decided to "dissect" the problem of the new daughter-in family meeting last week. But when she recently e hèm Jade, the daughter told off, the boy cheerfully informed her she was pregnant. Tu said shyly she will bear him a "guy dragon" intelligent, skillful.

Mr. Ngoc happy hum, but she swallowed Australian Jade hurries down the Department of belly news, anyway the news of her grandparents going to have a legitimate business guy is worth to celebrate. Although she knows that hard journey pregnant daughter to come, will also be making her very upset about.
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