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The warning signals of cancer

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Cancer is a disease difficult to treat if detected late. So please note the predicted signal following cancer of the body.
Common diseases of event categories cuaEva Health will fully updated information on common diseases in life such as diabetes, headaches, gynecological diseases and seasonal ... the mother and baby.

Rectal bleeding

Forecast: intestinal cancer

Intestinal bleeding bowel expression is accompanied by blood, to distinguish between blood and defecation accompanied by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are after going out together with blood, and tumors or intestinal bleeding when going outside is mixed with blood. In fact, the most obvious symptoms of fibroids rectum is very thin when going outside assigned because the tumor had been blocked.

Iron deficiency anemia

Forecast: colorectal cancer

If the girl is spring, the period of "red light" or reduced fat fasting also causes iron deficiency anemia, the possibility of colon cancer is very small. But if the body appears in middle-aged and elderly people it is best to check to determine whether or not colon cancer.

U Department of the chest

Forecast: milk gland cancer

Women after the time of puberty, normal breast self-examination may, if hard lumps palpable to the hospital immediately checked to exclude the possibility of proliferative ducts. If overflow occurs in the chest translated or skin rash, be very careful because it could be cancerous mammary glands.

Urinating with blood

Forecast: urinary tract related cancers

Cancer of the urinary tract mainly bladder tumors only if accompanied by blood in the urine, also do not feel pain, need to be careful.

Iron deficiency anemia warning with colorectal cancer. (Artwork)

Coughing up blood

Forecast: lung cancer

Young people coughing up blood is most likely due to the lung nodule. The older man elimination capacity after gas blood vessels dilate, if in sputum with blood or coughing up blood they need to take tests. Coughing up blood can be a terminal cancer and then, so experts recommend people over 40 long years, and smoking should be taken periodically to check the lungs.

Bleeding after menopause

Forecast: Cancer-related gynecological diseases

After menopause the blood should be whether there is food, drink health function containing the hormone estrogen, progesterone or not, especially those products "physiological disorder prevention." If you do not need to use it promptly gynecological exam, should not extend.

Difficulty swallowing

Forecast: esophageal cancer

Cancer related to the esophagus.

Swallowing difficulties are mostly manifestations of eating dried food, swallowing away, this drink is just resolved. Some people find swallowing food into headaches and swallowing, but let's go check the esophagus.
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