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When young people addicted to clip back shock

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When young people addicted to  clip back shock Khi-gioi-tre-nghien-quay-clip-soc_1
A series of clips shocking like burning money boys, the girls cross country bike ride on the road, driving in the legs, hit your girl stripped shirt ... be posted on the internet that many people discontent and indignant behavior "monstrous" by some young ...

Movement and shocking video clips posted on the internet is becoming one of the hazardous game now alarming.

22-second clip recorded images of three young people not wearing helmets, carrying each other on speeding motorcycles on the road sliced ​​spleen. Hands of the end of the car sitting in a bucket of water portable.

The bird sits between a task that everyone ca draw water cycling young woman who is alone to draw water into the girl sneezing, even a bucket of water poured concrete first victim. Going hand in hand with the three young men is a different young motorcycle drivers carrying person is responsible for holding the phone to record the entire evolution of the case.

Throw water on her bike on the road.

After the video clip is posted on the internet many people have reacted very violently because of culture on behavior. Most recently, the video clip recorded image of a young man burning money is released to the network also made many people surprised.

The first day of March / 2012, on a video clip tumultuous scene a young man is doing "circus" on his motorcycle with everything standing, lying down, sitting in the car is still working on spiraling There were lots of back and forth.

9 minute long video footage with numerous "Creepy" kick up after the other has attracted thousands of viewers. When asked why the shock hit the clip online, many young people spontaneously answered that roll up for everyone to see, want to be famous.

Driving with your foot on the road workers

Most recently, a student with a group of girls beat the board, catching stripped by reason only dare to claim that this group borrowed phone. Then the group filmed and posted on the internet.

It is noteworthy that in the clip there's a female voice said it would roll up on the clip and not be turned up or accidentally released as some other clip.

The shooting shocked the clip is gradually becoming an alarming trend among young people, not only cause loss of security and order, the clip also serious violations or repulsive, even breaking the law (as act of burning the money).

So the authorities should coordinate with local governments, schools have many measures of education, deterrence to prevent the "epidemic" clip "black" before they began.
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