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Daughters "eat" her husband

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Daughters "eat"  her husband Con-dau-an-thit-me-chong-_0
There is a Chinese book entitled "My mother eat both the bride."
Must admit that I have not read that book so mothers do not know is that her husband had "eaten" all the daughters how. But I know, many women are now silently "eat" her husband ...

"Impeachment" mother in law

Married for less than two months, H.Anh rush in urging her husband to move out because of her own could not stand the scrutiny of her husband. The indiscriminate capital, or throw her to map her husband very haphazard or discomfort.

She did not say straight out that only followed Calif. cleaning down and sighed. H.Anh very single detail, she said: "It is better that I keep speaking out for longer than this behind her husband tortured her by every sigh that his short coal mother flipped out."

But perhaps where life easier so, H.Anh own claim to the husband she began to pour all kinds of diseases. His son lo stem up. H.Anh husband knew her way but also do anything about it scapegoat.

The case of Asia (PVFC) is not too different. It all starts with her husband always comments on how to dress or something of Asia, of the time all the European activities and shopping too much. Initially chose to ignore holes Chau also ignore the nasty hit song urgently.

She begins to react and the war began. My mother went everywhere gossiping daughter freely. Although perhaps not very warm memories to defame her in retaliation for her husband?

Another war is equally intense as the war in the method (HN). Couple at The son should also invite the husband needs to eat out.

My mother attaches great importance to the common meal cook should always clear early, then just clarify many items not shown ê out. Looking at the whole tray of rice untouched sources of demand such that the open mouth, then out to eat other grains of rice to the mother in law.

Looking at the whole tray of rice untouched sources of demand such that the open mouth, then out to eat other grains of rice to the mother in law. (Artwork)

"The problem is you try to eat dinner with my husband's mother would know. Salty food is terrible. To cook anymore. Try not to well stuffed. " My mother was very noisy afternoon when poured over rice to go with the words complained swallowing brain.

Not to mention at meals, she complained her husband was constantly eating out with all sorts of diseases and cancer, hearing loss both delicious tumors.

In case of more special Thuy, her husband with another bride assigned chores. Lobe there was no problem but her husband is always an excuse. Lobe just finished washing her husband then pulled down again washed with washing so why not science.

Lobe sweeping, mopping her husband back home to finish cleaning the future, re-scan. So on, Thuy was real terrorists. She began to let go, not bothering to do.

My mother no idea just more promotion saying: "Well, I do Osin for that. But without, she (just Thuy) does not provide money for old age worry me is that the street beggars. "


H.Anh said: Where I am not Chicken. I am a PR. And PR is always a way to own PR. My mother coal tired, ill, I'm the type of illness on a show and get pregnant. My husband was out saying how happy. At the time I told my husband whispered that she needed to care for her husband announced increase feelings.

Anyway, I'm moving out to support it for her. I Bought this but which began to follow her illness is bad for his mother too. Needless say, my husband consent immediately.

Trade is trade a mother and wife struggling hard ten. My husband would tell her in private on the grounds that this illness that she must look more pregnant women are suffering too. My mother hand bunch scapegoat.

Earlier, the European news service told her husband where to go and do his evil. Chau had a couple of times but then again she vuc vaccine discovered her words had no weight. In contrast, the more people will hate me.

Chau change tactics. At home, she knocked her husband or her mother, causing even more stress for her husband by more shopping, more fiery dress, talked back to her husband as needed. But outside, where to go and praise her good husband, mother, husband humored her mother care for her husband.

I was fortunate that her husband has been so. And so naturally into any war, her husband and told bad bride bride while they go also praised her husband.

Single shot that caused her husband many times she embarrassed to be very little about the alley yelled: What type of mother she is? It says about her daughter while she full well decry it.

Losing the war on meals, Phuong turned up a script for another melee. In which she plays the pitiful. She began working in the apartment. She was smart to the point that her husband thought his wife was his mother began to do so.

Thuy's story even more thrilling. When she was assigned the role of evil, Thuy was "turned off to head" back with a more aggressive scenario. (Artwork)

Finished eating, she slit uptight concrete wash tray of rice. House cleaning. Make enough of everything. Do not complain. Just because her husband sometimes punching back shoulder massage. My husband is sure to ease fears her husband shook his head stir bar.

She was acting as if she hated more chores to her husband's behalf. The also said: She was the cook for yourself and then you know yourself, know the parts that work instead. Soon, her husband began to get frustrated with her mother, saying that his wife too much pressure.

Meanwhile her husband did not know anything. Still thought as hard daughters only. How has it own coffee with the new method is that all of her posts - a genuine Ho Ly her.

Thuy's story even more thrilling. When she was assigned the role of evil, Thuy was "turned off to head" back with a more aggressive scenario. Lobes more clutter, more furniture added makes up you mother in law is right up the toaster clean.

She says she likes to do Osin Osin for all I can. Clear lobes from work late. Stiffing the home to mother. But cleverly pretending to buy this or that the husband gave her before her husband.

Things become worse when the clean clothes in the closet, she pulled out, even though not thrown straight into the washing machine still further. Wipe clean the dishes, she threw little fat in the pot.

My mother always hand to toil until then ill just told his son: Well, you two move out of home for me thanks. This new blow at Thuy chuckled Huh!

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Today, if the mother in law said "monster" a daughter is to say "monster" ten. Because no matter how the mother in law mother in law is just, not for his mother. At least with the bride as in this article. They will never see the instability of the self that is always only see the instability from others.

As she sat talking to each family, the topic will be the hottest topic? My mother! Naturally! Speaking of her husband, how much of the story is good and what percentage are not good things?

Please respond immediately: good thing they have nothing to trade? Since the count after that you can sit where leaves nothing but fun anymore? Having read this would have countered that the writer says no way to round up rather have moms and dads good husband, mother in law is not good?

But she tried again see review in 5 times to talk about her husband recently (without her husband next to it), how many good points of her husband be told? Honestly go, love her husband only as native and legendary stories somewhere far distance only.

The bad mother who said her husband was sure if the number of members register of members will be less but the spy will be very crowded. Sure there!
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