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The young child brides on their wedding day

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The young child brides on their wedding day 1261a2cdd256e82d_80563662.xlarger
Because movement "before dinner gong" on the part of young people today, so no shortage of wedding rush stems become mandarins. However, simple as wedding anniversary of parents is also the birthday child is harmed, the results of all site said.
The bride did not know pregnant

This is true as fabricated story of the bride Pham Thi Hai (SN 1991) in Nghi Xuan district (Ha Tinh). Husband walks in the door while the female students in grade 11, Customs has not enough knowledge to make two parallel their natural dignity is just as both a mother and wife. 17 years old but she flares, the face looking back plus so I know how to dress the boys were soon noticed.

Among them, I especially sympathize with Nguyen The Phong (SN 1990), in Xuan Lam. Rooms also handsome subject, for speaking should not be difficult to conquer her heart was growing up. In one invite each other to Cua Lo (Nghe An), Customs has given himself to her lover.

After the first time that she this high school girls get pregnant. But with knowledge about sex education is limited, Customs did not know he had started a mother.

Until the fourth month, when the child's abdomen to keep growing up, while pale chestnut leather, new assistant fire my parents take me to the examination and was petrified to know I was pregnant 16 weeks old in the abdomen. After some interrogation, intimidation, daughter dare reveal the perpetrators of the fetus.

Sea salt hit the family to speak with the boy to hold the wedding. But he insisted child death has recognized the consequences that they cause, but parents Phong not easily accept such a seal. After several months of decline, the house son also accept the marriage, but only 12 graduated son waiting for finished new organization.

Waiting on each subject and also to the great joy, a wedding though somewhat reluctantly but no less spiritual home was held. But right then, labor bride on the way home from her husband.

Sometimes the wedding anniversary of parents is also the birthday child.
Delivery bride and groom on their wedding day because the dragonfly

The story bride Le Thi Hoa (SN 1986) in Tan Ky district (An) to the husband as Dang Van Hai (SN 1982) in a state exceed the abdomen, are still people in the small commune whisper each other. Strawberry Day procession vehicles should not be after a long walk, just about the bride to her husband rushed to climb the table laying.

Visit the small house of two couples - U.S., nephews birthday coincides with the anniversary of my parents now look quite plump, firm footsteps were slow. When I reminded the old story, both siblings were deliberately avoided. Even now they belong together, but echoes of the scandal that prompted the villagers still forever.

Flower girl which is hard, sure is and honest. As a teenager, he pursued United are very ignorant, but fate did not know how that United has chosen two, the guy that looks pretty decent to get emotional.

When news of two love each other, the family had also tried to retain money. Back then, the family believes United are sometimes two parents should United go away, have left United at home, then she would ask him to look behalf Two peace of mind. They themselves did not expect his later teachings were connected to two before dinner gong.

Because of fear, shame about the rich boy and a girl so special, not for parents to know, including belly every grove grove over the years. She quietly brought to her pregnancy and marriage with two goals.

Coldly rejected by two, with the alleged reason enough to delay the U.S. has made him dizzy. The two also demanded even split when United do not agree to break the pregnancy in the abdomen. While United is holding each bag anger, anxiety, crushing disappointment, the two new partners have fun with other girls.

When she falls for this, hurry to bring home two annexes must betel prepared to Lane, this time as the new United truth fresh news with family and celebration was held to ask the two as well so that canceling. There's no other way, two family she hastily married bride because her stomach was too big, only the birth date is calculated.

Despite the earlier wedding day the bride crosses a few days but it was an unexpected event occurs. The joy of that day, after a painful abdominal walking home carrying her husband, became the bride of labor. Only 2 hours after the wedding celebration, a baby has been kept Folbigg is born.
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