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The secret to sleep

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Work stress, problems in daily life or simply the weather changes easily keep you awake. Instead of "counting sheep", try the following bulleted slide!

Mobility: If you lie all day and do nothing other than the transfer of TV channels continuously, it is evident that the night you can not sleep. So the day, get moving, start working body to burn calories, to night, you will improve your sleep.

Reflexology: Before going to bed, leave the body and spirit relax in comfort. It is possible that reading books, listening to soothing music or watching TV, avoid the horror movie or schmaltzy emotional, warm bath sometimes lavender essential oil also helps relax the muscles. Forget the stress and try not to think about work before bed.

Sheets, pillows, bedroom, green: Sometimes the cause of sleep problems can also result from your inventory is too high or too low pillow, bedcover and moisture, many trees placed in the room. Should open the window to clear the air.

Some items to avoid: There are some foods that you should avoid before bedtime such as coffee, eat too much meat or protein dishes also make you more bloating and difficulty sleeping.

Turn off the equipment: You'll probably sleep better if you turn down or turn off the lights in the room always, and shutdown the device.

Drink Tea: Sip a cup of hot tea is one way to improve your sleep. Choose chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, mint tea and maybe add a little honey.

Set up routine: Try to make a habit of going to bed and wake up at a specific time for at least 4-5 days a week. Can you toss and turn at first but gradually your body will get used to adapt and start times.
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