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Style What is your life

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As society grows, people often focus more on life skills. We have to admit that learning the skills of great help for our lives ta.Nhung between two options: live art and art of living, we should choose the appropriate way?.
"Suddenly .. a dragonfly wing

Get my sadness away ..

Rushing back to the flowers

To me I touch the sides "

A dragonfly wings - State players

The verses that simple, idyllic beauty as possible from the inherent nature of its purity so. There are fine words, just words flying true feelings clear, happy, be represented by the subtle poetry under the pen of the poet. Affordable, the "obvious" that few things to mind is causing so much passion. Really it is great! I must say that it is very useful and fit my mood at the moment. Each opening page and start reading writing poetry, I felt as a powerful source of energy that emanates from the impact on my mind, give me strength to begin a journey to find ourselves again: What I am? Where? What are you doing? Longing, desire and what are you doing to do this. An "I" - physical - are seeking "I" - the soul - in yourself! .

Mirrors itself on the "mirror" of life, I acknowledge that the images "reflect" and "screening" of his with the "people" of life. "Reflection" is the moment to be recognized myself, a complete entity. Where is the mirror only to see his image but also be inspired to delve into deep soul. Beauty of our unique personal stamp of each person. For me, in the mirror I saw "two half" of his. First, about me - a classic of the form - like pretty introverted and modest. But is there a way to view life left. The second thing I want to say here is, I like the lifestyle youthful, modern and vibrant but not least, impartial, transparent. I tend to expand their lifestyle by always open and gentle with everyone. To accept with difficulty and adversity with courage attitude and intelligence. Know immersed in life with sympathy and a warm heart ... To expand my heart I see the picture "screening" to life around us so poetic, fanciful and colorful. The richness that paintings carry on his life is exactly what is generated from the different traits of man. Everyone to their own separate ones from style and lifestyle to the way Conduct. And so, their perspectives are different from me and all of you. "I" is my position like in the eyes of everyone and everyone will be like under my eyes?!.

This question will be many different possible answers, depending on the thinking and actions of each nguoi.Quan itself is most important, we are living as ourselves, hard life and never regretted the What has passed. I always wished a happy life and all his life is guided by a guide for the beginning of the search for do.Bieu hard life is very different with each nhau.Doi to me, it is sense of mastery is life minh.Do respect themselves and their desire to build a rich life and more meaning. Each day of learning and working with me is a joy because I know create their own comfort, confidence, always received every breath of the song.Toi're feeling beautiful things await me in the before, where I accumulated a capital of their lives through active participation in social activities. But they're not giving me much valuable material, but they helped my spiritual life more refreshing. One useful thing that I was conscious and said "I".

Be responsible to yourself will help me become more autonomous. I'll be the life boats navigated through the wind and storm waves, not at the mercy of chance it with the number of phan.Toi believe that the skills learned from life will help me to be confident turn around and write their own destiny! ... The moments of frustration, to the extreme suffering that has followed me strong vitality go find my own happiness minh.Chung have only one life, is doing all the things we want to do . But, you will live your life like? You will lead your life like? Have you ever thought about it yet? Before, I used to get lost in the blur of rising from everywhere minh.Toi direction does not specify what specific one for myself .. and the outcome is .. I sank my own life!. That's when I do not know what they want, I can do anything and I do not find meaning to live. As when, I stumble that can not pick ourselves up, and do not want to stand up! My life became meaningless and I hate people who gave me this life! That was when I realized that happiness is not free to - and often the last to realize it .. "Happiness is possible, and building searches, it is not available on any hand of a benefactor - Pisarev".

Knowing everything I know to learn how to live positive, love life and see that things are not as bad as I thought .. that the night is still shining a light of hope. That's when I lived with all his dreams, life goals. As when I used up my ability to turn dreams into reality. Is when I know what is available refused to go find new ones for himself. As I asserted personal brand, is when people mention my name admire. As I begin the enthusiasm and inspiration to others. Am I really living my own life! And I .. raised his lifetime to the next level that I can.

As society grows, people often focus more on life skills. We have to admit that learning the skills of great help for our lives ta.Nhung between two options: live art and art of living, we should choose the appropriate way?. There is little difference between life and art of living art. Although those "living art" is capable of "living art", but "living art" is not necessarily a "living art". The beautiful lifestyle useful for family life and society, it is their chosen way of life towards the art of living - the Truth - Compassion - USA!

The art of living, is all the rules that we need to have in your life. That behavior is moral and ritual, is the way in which we use to dealing with people that. Them with rules and order that the society set. Sometimes, these are the values ​​emerging in the new era. The lessons which teach us how to live, so that the correct way, as appropriate. The art of living is a combination of life skills needed for each of us. It's recognized skills and problem solving, is emotional control skills, skill-oriented and change itself .... these are things we need in modern life. It helps us have a good life hon.Con living art, a way of living of those who choose self-interest to deal with those around them. They hide behind the mask which they have created. They are afraid of being found out his real nature should strive to conceal the defects. In them, life skills has turned into a weapon! It is no longer the lodestar to guide them how to live so well anymore, but this time it became too skilled, too sophisticated. Sometimes people make mistakes that they are truly living.

It's all a lie, sir! I do have one perfect that no one mistake in life or at work. Do not focus on appearance, do not be too busy concentrating on the ones that other people want to achieve and then find ways to make it come true. Despite being realistic lie!

You want to learn the art of living to make your life better, or want to learn to live true art of living art, painting remains how to look better life! I hope you do not love the colorful appearance but lost the true value of life!
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