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At least we happy

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At least we happy O-tuoi-nao-chung-ta-hanh-phuc-nhat_1
A recent survey has found the answer to that question is simple but quite interesting: At what age you happiest? Final answer is 33.

According to The Sideshow, a survey of the Friends Reunited (Friends gathered) - conducted a British website. As a result, 70% of respondents over 40 said they did not find true happiness until I turned 33.

"That age (33 years) enough for us to shake off the naive childhood and youth intentions extravagant twenties, but no loss of energy and enthusiasm of youth. The innocence lost but in return, sensory reality is mixed with strong hope, a spirit of 'ready to act' and a healthy belief in talent as well as his own ability, "said Psychologist Donna Dawson said.

The sensual beauty of American television - Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Group survey also shows some examples as Jesus was nailed to the cross evil age of 33; "the contemporary star actress, 33, as U.S. singer Jennifer Love Hewitt, Adam Levine - into pillar of the band members Maroon 5 and U.S. actress Katie Holmes seems well as alcohol and obtained numerous successful in the entertainment industry. "

Katie Holmes beautiful wife of actor Tom Cruise and Suri is the mother of her most famous Hollywood

Even those who are not "stars" also approve of the survey results. The New York Daily News quoted Possemato Christine, 35, from New Jersey, USA said: "At that age, of sex appeal, you have reached" peak ". You are confident, vibrant and can attract the younger boys. "
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