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The advantage of oral contraceptives

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The advantage of oral contraceptives Planned-parenthood-2
According to medical experts at the University of Texas Medical (USA), the use of birth control pills not only good contraceptive effect, but also bring many other practical benefits for the body of the woman, target represented as the following five advantages.
Monthly amount of business less

The birth control pill tablets are now being circulated to 21 containing hormones. When a woman is taking medications that contain hormones, the menstrual reduced level, might even stop and ask for a public process that your body fewer encounter problems such as headaches, irritability, or existing sensitive to the pain.
Improved body beauty

In fact there are many women who use oral contraceptives beauty body has been increased significantly, especially the beauty of the skin, limiting the stain, tattoos, freckles, acne ... The reason by the pill affects hormones in the body, causes the body to produce three hormones are estrogen, and androgen progestone (this type is called testosterone in men), especially in the ovary in addition, it also makes the body produce less androgen, a male hormone that is often suspected as the culprit producing oils (sebum) precursor of acne, so that some component of oral contraceptives contain components of the anti-acne, skin beauty and medicine.
Reduced risk of suffering from a reproductive tract cancers

According to studies from the University of Texas Medical is a lot of evidence that birth control pills work very well prevent some cancers common in women, as if women are using birth control pills at least 1 year may reduce the risk uterine cancer, ovarian cancer 15 years and used 10 years will reduce to 80% of ovarian cancer and 60% of cervical cancer.

Why is birth control pills work to prevent the risk of ovarian cancer, especially in people who are in the process of birth? The reason is simple, if you ovulate more then face the risk of infection greater environment, while birth control pills have been found to reduce this process.

Cancer of the uterus (endometrial cancer) is related to the growth of the uterus or the uterine lining, oral contraceptives have been found to reduce or slow down this process. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, birth control pills also work to reduce the risk of uterine infections, ovarian cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease. Some recent studies also show that birth control pills also work to prevent both colon cancer.
Enhance bone health

The pill is not only good contraceptive effect, but also bring many other practical benefits.
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As everyone knows, adding calcium to have a positive effect on bones system, but if taking birth control pills also work no less calcium. Human skeletal system contains cells called osteoblasts (cells help the body to produce bone tissue) and osteoclasts (tasked to support the process of bone restoration in case of trouble). Estrogen helps the two cell types bones healthy women ages but when high estrogen levels begin to decline and the Pill it works to replace the hormones decline and limiting condition of osteoporosis.

So far there are many argue that birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer, but according to experts at the University of obstetrics and gynecology America (CDG), even when breast cancer is found online fibrous tumor (a type of benign tumor) or known as Benign and women who have a family history of breast cancer if oral contraceptives do not cause an increased risk.
Reduce risk of PMS

PMS means that the syndrome is common in postmenopausal women, and through research we found that women who take birth control pills if you can significantly reduce this syndrome.
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