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Tips to help you remove musty smell from furniture

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Tips to help you remove musty smell from furniture Furniture-Design-Wood-image
Furniture of wood over the years will inevitably have the smell of musty, old red nose makes your home atmosphere became uncomfortable and no longer fresh ...

Depending on the time and type of wood that used to remove the smell of them will be applied to different formulas. Here are 5 tips to help you in this work:

A. Reduce moisture in the air

Wood often have tiny holes so they easily draw the moisture in the air and the smell around. If your furniture so long in an old house, in the basement, shed or attic for storage and long days will not be used to avoid having the smell of mold is difficult subject. To deodorize the furniture, you move items into a room air conditioner is fitted with a relative humidity lower than the surrounding environment. Use a dehumidifier and closed the room a few days, as furniture will be sucked up the moldy smell.

Two. Polished with sand and repaint

Another way to remove odors, mold of the item this wood is polished with sand them, then leave them in this state for several days. This will help them have time to "breathe" and "liberate" the odor. Note the space to them in the best conditions so that they do not absorb more new smells and no excess moisture. Then choose safe paint, moisture with colors that you like and proceed to paint the surface layer of about 2-3.


3. Clean furniture

Typically, the perpetrators of musty wood is caused by germs and bacteria inside the main residence in the grain born. They will thrive if the timber was left in a high humidity environment for a long time. You should use cleaning products and bacteria inside the timber. Read the manufacturer's instructions when using cleaning product timber before using. Use this product on all edges, corners, handles, and the bottom of furniture to ensure their entire surface has been cleaned.

4. Sunshine cleaning

If your house has a spacious courtyard, take advantage of the sunny day to dry the wood items outside. Sunlight and airy atmosphere will be one of the measures most effective bleach smell. However, to avoid color fading or furniture quickly broken, you should leave them under the eaves or on the projector.

Five. Using coffee grounds or charcoal

If a large wardrobe or cabinet drawer is hard to clean all the way above mentioned position. So you need to apply other methods for them. Put coffee grounds or charcoal inside drawers and cabinets. Check back after a few days and add if necessary.
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