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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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The secret preserved tea and coffee.

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The secret preserved tea  and coffee. Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQRcUkeKfImUhZwhOEYwL7j00_l4EaRNpH47_HAhtIeLTfFlk3v9te7kj2M_g
To be able to use tea and coffee are long, you need to know how to choose the type of tea, coffee quality and preserve them properly.

Here are some tips quyettrong the preservation of two of this delicious drink.

Recipes with Coffee

Buy whole bean coffee

The experts and those knowledgeable about coffee have confirmed that the only way to mix a cup of coffee is not even choose to buy whole bean coffee and grind them just before brewing. The chemical oxygen makes coffee quickly loses flavor. Type of ground coffee will be available contact time with more air, so the quality will go much reduced.

Buy enough to use

Like most other foods, freshness of coffee is always a decisive factor in their quality. The coffee vendor recommendations should only buy enough coffee in one to two weeks on demand, shall not exceed one month. Without regular coffee, do not choose to buy coffee has been packed with great weight. Taste the delicious they will not if left standing for more than two months.

Preservation of coffee in cool, dry place and airtight

The four "enemies" of the coffee has been identified as air, moisture, heat and light. To protect the beans, you need to open the packaging and put them in the bottle, box airtight and opaque to prevent light, coffee jars to avoid the heat as well as places with high humidity.

To freeze coffee if they want to use more than one month

In case of too much coffee and can not use them all within two weeks, you should separate out the excess and put them in separate plastic bags to keep food frozen, sealed bag to prevent gas and then for them to fall into the freezer. These measures can help preserve coffee longer than a month.

The trick with tea

Keep the tea is always dry

Like coffee, tea, inconsistent with the wet. When exposed to moisture, mold tea appears. Therefore, to keep the tea (both dry tea and tea bags) is not moldy, so let them into the jars, airtight box, away from places with high humidity. Absolutely not stored in the refrigerator tea.

Protect from light tea, heat and air

When the tea leaves exposed to the elements such as light, heat and air, they lose color, flavor and health benefits. Do not leave tea in the glass jar or plastic container with a lid that does not need to choose which is the air-tight containers and opaque, the light barrier. At the same time, should put them in a dry, cool.

Preservation of tea away from the odor

The tea bag dry or tend to absorb odors around them. These places preserve herbs or spices that smells strong pungency will not be the appropriate place to store tea.

For tea in the airtight jar is the best way to prevent them from absorbing strong odors and keep the scent of tea leaves.

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