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5 signs he's ready potty

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If you look carefully for signs after his parents will see your baby has started but not ready to be potty too forced.

According to observations of the young mothers to their children, when a baby starts potty will have five classic signs following.

A. Do not wet the bed after a nap
If your baby wakes up after a short nap around 2pm but still dry diapers or pants, then is she has very good control of his bladder. This is an important first sign that he's ready for his parents to begin potty instructions.

Hong Nhung, a mother with small children said: "I think the easiest way to get to know your children are really ready to potty or if she wakes up from naps without wetting the bed or wake up in the morning without getting wet his diaper. "

Two. Be aware of the sad state when you urinate
If one day your baby is no longer wet the bed or innocence I do not control. Conversely he has said flatly tell you she needs to urinate, it is also the time you should guide your child potty.

Micele experts recommend: "The child will give you clues when they're ready to potty. I will tell you they want to urinate without wetting their pants as before. Accordingly, the mother must attention considering the different facial expressions on the faces child. If as a child or knit face looks funny, it can also be a sign they have to go to the bathroom right away. "

3. Hate dirty pants
Another sign to be able to recognize your baby is ready to be potty pants hate dirty attitude. Now, suddenly your child will love to wear clothes clean and dry. When wet clothes or a bad smell you will mess up and claim instead.

4. Much attention to her toilet
He may start curious about hygiene habits of parents, friends, brothers, sisters, his brother. Even baby also to imitate your own practice or go on living in the potty.

The baby's attention to the hygiene habits and bathroom is one of the most important signs that you are ready for potty training children.

Five. She wanted to wear underwear
The most visible changes in her she began lingerie care of the older child or want to wear underwear like their parents.

This is also a good idea for parents to start going lingerie shopping for your child and thus began the instructions for children always go to the bathroom in the potty. Children will respond with interest pretty quickly because I think they're set as adults. treatment for children - safe fruits

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