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Garlic is not hospitable fragrance

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Garlic is not hospitable fragrance Toizj
Sitting talking to his new boss, or with a client that you quit last forever conquered, suddenly you realize your breath has a somewhat uncertain, it seems like ... garlic.

Yes, garlic makes the dish very attractive, but the taste it leaves in your mouth then we shall not welcome at all. Since it is discovered, you feel awkward, verbal behavior is no longer smile more naturally. Because, you always nagging worry, do not understand lane "gunner" how far your shot, with the nose pointed straight at the opposite of no? And they will think when they receive "fragrance" was not hospitable?

Garlic - Artwork ViLang / Far East

* Garlic: Medicinal precious and delicious spices

But never attend such an important meeting, but it is also very sympathetic to you. And garlic is no stranger child, not only it is a close friend of the owners as kitchen goods, I also feel a great medicinal value. The baby doctor, you shop, know you are ... she lang reluctantly, sometimes stop by sometimes just draw lines on pharmaceuticals in the kitchen. According to it, garlic is good for our hearts .... But talk around so do not help you right now, right? Hang know, but I must be fair but: New still praised as previously delicious aroma is said that now is bad, need to be eliminated immediately, do not unjust?

Anyway, you've got time to sit reading what this senile you then make the situation less ... stretch it, right? You can save this for a tip at the property later.

* How to neutralize a bit of garlic in the mouth?

Best way to protect you from having to bother with those around you is do not use garlic when about to go somewhere. But if you can not resist the appeal of food with garlic, then apply immediately for the following items to neutralize the taste of it before leaving home:

- Use Baking Soda to brush your teeth: You can buy toothpaste Prepared Baking Soda, or just use your favorite cream powder wiped away with baking soda and salt, then rub this mixture teeth. Very carefully rub the tooth no longer adhere to a food acne anymore. If possible, use a more "just dental" (dental floss) for the best cleaning.

- Then mixed a concentrated solution of water with 3 parts soda, 1 part salt. Use water to rinse it several times. Spit spit deep in the throat before you spray.

- Finally, razor blades to clean and rinse your mouth with Baking Soda solution again.

The trick here is Baking Soda, the popular powder that we use in the kitchen: It will neutralize the smell of garlic, or any one else smell in your mouth. Please let me repeat: Baking soda will neutralize, ie melt away the aftertaste of a strong smell, not just cover up the aftertaste is like mouthwash much we still use.

- But not just standing a little garlic in the mouth, it was as deep in the belly of food but still want to show the people around you recognize the presence of it .... To stabilize the "front", you should eat a cucumber or two. Cucumbers in the abdomen will talk to me ... so you can be assured of speaking to diplomats in society.

Oh, forgot, if it is a date with his girlfriend, Hang suggest that you add with mouthwash mouthwash, lotions is what you would normally buy at the market there. But remember that water mouthwash as well as cotton, it's just a spare parts makes us more fragrant, as long as he had previously completely clean.

If garlic is not dissolved before, mouthwash only temporarily filled, and will get along with garlic to create a smell like water on a cotton collar anointed ... sweaty! Unintentionally to happen like that ... there is only water burrowed, this Cinderella she is not responsible for where.

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