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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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3 tips simple but effective

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Please send you three tips from personal experience, if you already know what this is from repeat to forget:

1 / bleeding: Use teabag also be applied on any kind of bleeding after wound disinfected and bandaged, blood stops running immediately. It can be applied after tooth extraction if blood is flowing more when changing the dressing.

2 / Wash the blood stains on clothing (cloth): Use water to the place sprayed with blood is a little more salt and rub until the blood stain disappear.

3 / How to keep from being a rice: Rice is the food of her children every day, most often purchased housewife deadline is 25lbs, long time to eat termites often. You to enter the container bags of rice or 1 clove garlic, then again would not see a. A garlic clove time dries up if not eaten all the rice they give new shrimp.

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