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Tip of the fish processing

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Tip  of the fish processing Monca
Fish are food materials containing nutrients essential for health benefits, but many people still do not like fish for two reasons: smell and bones.

So, when preparing to pay attention to the following:

1 / Fix fishy:

Note that in each processing stage, selection of spices marinated, served as well as appropriate processing methods. Important stage in processing raw material selection. Live or fresh fish less fishy than fish kill or die long without well-preserved. With fish, choose fish, skin, scales still clinging to the body, ankle, carrying red and the body structure is elastic, solid. When do fish wash fish or fish rubbing salt into the body, wash off all the blood in the abdomen and blood bead deposition along the backbone of fish, remove gills.

With snakehead fish should remove the skin and sliced ​​fish scales. Note the two scales in close fishy fish head, to remove and put in just fishy fish spinal close. Depending on food processing, while chilled fish can be marinated with a few drops of lemon juice to help take the smell. Some fries with sweet and sour sauce or fish sauce, ginger can be added to help reducing fishy (as in fish soup, fried seabass in sweet and sour sauce, fried catfish dish served with ginger sauce). After processing, fish should dry absorbent before processing to reduce the smell.

2 / Choose appropriate ways of cooking fish:

Should be distinguished from those of bony fish and little fish bones. The little fish bones can be told: sea bass, salmon, howling, catfish, basa, fish, birds, fish drowning. The fish can be processed fried foods, soup, stews, baked delicious. As can be processed to whole, cut or sliced ​​fillets, meat portion only.

With small fish such as fish escrow, goby eggs, anchovies, scad, fried fish parts may cause the snapping with coconut milk or stock. This fish bone should generally only remove the software backbone that can be eaten easily. With a bony fish such as fish iron, perch, catfish usually fried, baked or boiled fish meat to cook porridge, soup.

3 / Note

When processing if not careful the dish easily be broken, crushed because of soft meat. If cooked fish to fry, so to really dry, then dipped in flour seasoned fish through a layer of dry (flour, wheat flour, fried dough) and fried. When you need to pan fry oil is hot, wait for the fish in gold fish or a new face by lifting pieces of raw fish or the fish gently. Go to the left, continue fried. The temperature at the hot frying oil age, when fish are less fire to yellowish fish are cooked. With braised fish, marinated attention with spices, water color fish is absorbed.

At the beginning inventory is not reversed, mixed lot, not to the boiling fish stock fish easily broken up. With dishes are boiled or steamed fish cooked removed using hot, not too thoroughly steamed or boiled fish meat crushed and dry, losing sweetness.

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