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Tips to cook beef

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Tips to cook beef How-Long-to-Cook-Beef
Beef is a nutrient-rich material, which is beneficial for the development of the body. Apart from high protein, beef also provides iron, zinc and vitamin B2, B6, B12, good for the immune system, promote renewable erythrocytes.

Iron in beef for fast recovery of blood cells and is essential for providing oxygen to the cells in the body.

Besides the benefits of beef, it should be noted if used continuously and too much beef will have a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease, gout ... In addition, the bucket, encrusted, the meat of the cow stomach position is too much fat is not good for health. Some other parts in place after thigh, leg beef, the meat is often tough, hard.

The beef pho, rice noodle sautéed, bun bo hue, beef steak, beef shakes, beef guise leaves ... always be popular. Each dish has different ways of preparing and using different parts of meat. To process the beef dishes are delicious and the best body to absorb, to note the following points:

Filter out fat in beef to minimize the amount of fat in the body. Case processing requires water dishes, notice the water cool after cooking, for the refrigerator. When the scum and grease congeal then picked up this fat off.

With the food to be cooked long and tender beef as beef pho, bun bo hue to choose meats and ribs, as the corn beef fat, buckets, mushrooms, beef tendon. Each type of meat is cooked through different time. Beef Flank slopes are close to nine times about 2 grams, about 2g30 bucket and corn beef, ribs, beef is the softest part of a long, lost from 3g - 3g30. Softness depends meat of slaughter age, breed and size, small meat platforms. The small meat, soft at the edges faster than big hunks of the flesh or the flesh in the center.

During cooking, meat should be submerged in water, to the spicy cooked meat and spices penetrate the meat. When cooking the beef pho or vermicelli, so leave the platform of meat, do not cut too small, will be loss of appetite. When cooked, remove the meat soak in cold water has flooded to cook meat is not black. Want meat so thin and soft, not broken, after immersion in water, to cool or refrigerate it for meat packages in cloth nets, to a cool, very easy to hunt meat will be cut.

With the back of the loin, thighs often used for dishes such as fried, grilled, rattles, steak, note should not be long or thoroughly cooking meat because it was a tough, hard. Some dishes when susceptible to dry processing. Consequently, when marinating meats for the items listed above should give in a little vegetable oil will help flesh soft, dry limit, hard. With the above items should not be marinated for too long and avoid using salt in the marinade so as not to lose the good taste of beef and meat is not hard.

With the swinging beef, steak or beef stir-fry over high heat processing needs. For meat to the pan when the pan was very hot help quickly cooked, ready. Thus the meat will be fragrant, delicious, but the inside is soft, not dry. With the beef steak or rattles, can add a little red wine at the end of the pan to add flavor to the dish.

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