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how to clean snails to eat

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how to clean snails to eat Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSYgTnqN_F9mzQ63L3gTSscuxnZn2U2rtTGJZzqhO2UvvmuFdesQ1wb3RZK
There are many ways to make buildings cleaner colors, you can consult the following tips:

A. soak the snails

Wash the rice water soaking is one of the traditional buildings: cleaning buildings, pour rice to soak overnight, the next morning will release the building clean dirt and grease.

Want cleaner building colors, simply add a few chilli (or a little chili powder) soak in water snails. Subconsciously, when having spicy, snails will release silt and slime out. This way just soak buildings from 3-4 hours is to be.

Also you can crushed banana leaves come (very acrid) mixed with water, this water snails soaked in 3 hours, every hour instead of once, land and buildings will release two ways on oil faster.

Two. making buildings

Do snails live: If you cook snails mount screws can break yourself, then take the snail gut easily. With bulging dish should not break the tail or body building, do so when stuffed into steamed snails, fresh water will flow out. Your mouth pried snails, snail gut finger pushing in, then holding strong flakes snails, snail intestines will fall out, wash with clean water.

Making nine buildings: How buildings very ripe, just boil for about 2 minutes to inflate housing mouths, then use snail gut desirably sharp sticks out.

3. boil snails

With boiled snail dishes you do not need to add water, buildings can still be done. By snail will release water during cooking. Want to aromatic and charming buildings should drop into the pot a few slices of ginger, lemongrass, pomelo leaves, lemon grass and a little salt and roots.

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