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The secret kitchen

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1The secret kitchen Empty The secret kitchen Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:01 pm



The secret kitchen Biquyetnoitro1
PNO introduced some very useful tips to make your kitchen work.

A. If you are a coffee lover, go for coffee has been brewing equipment made available to pour into ice to prevent freezing. When you need to, you just take each member for frozen coffee into the microwave melt the coffee is. This method can be applied to keep the leftover coffee after use in a long time without affecting its quality.

Two. Want to exclude and expel from the kitchen cockroach effectively, you just sprinkle boric powder (boric acid powder as white as flour) at the corners.

3. If you can not choose to buy eggs, let eggs into a bowl of cold water. Fresh eggs will sink even old egg will float on water.

4. If the cup (cup) of tea is contaminated and there are hard to clean stains, simply wet cup and place in 2 teaspoons of salt, then rub gently, cup of tea you will shine soon.

Five. Want to keep the fruits fresh pepper over, make sure you cut off the stem chilies before storing in the refrigerator.

6. Want to exclude and repel mosquitoes the kitchen anxious or other rooms in the house, tell the camphor in the water bowl and then place them in areas where mosquitoes. We will immediately destroy mosquitoes.

7. Get your rice cooker for a few drops of lemon juice before cooking, the rice will be more white.

8. Do not use non-stick pan (Non-stick) to cooked dishes are sour because it will cause the coating to flake off the pot quicker.

9. Take the bay leaf (fly leaf) into the box to help wheat flour is not moldy.

10. To prevent the fridge freezer Frost, you rub salt into the freezer before you operate the refrigerator.

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