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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Buy and crab processing

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Buy and crab processing Crabblue
Buy and crab processing is not difficult if you know the tips below.

Color and hardness

Shell crab usually dull gray, quick motion, push hands affectionately on crab shell gas bubbles (water) is still fresh crab.

With crab, the crab his hand print on the make, the more and the intact leg, tenderness to drive.

Do not choose a large crab own child or children will be more moderate and more delicious meat.

The segregation of male crabs:

The most recognizable is looking at the shells of crabs affection, the affection that small shell male crabs, crab shells is the most pessimistic. Male crab crab meat is often much more tiles.

Tips to crab

There are many ways to do so does not clamp onto your hand crabs such as gloves, break more ... but the best way is for crabs "sleep" in cold water.

Let the little ice cubes into a small pot, then drop into it. Cold window will stay still, then you can easily do without fear of hand grip.

To no fishy crab cooking

Smell is often caused by the crab, so please fried brick before cooking.

Eat crabs at some time in a month?

Want to eat delicious crab eat early or late May, because the folk experience in the crab shell to cycle most often in mid-May, crab fast during this time should be thin and regular wall (less meat).

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