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Tip cure tinnitus

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Tip cure tinnitus Raig
If affected by sudden strong sound, like listening to music by phone, in a lively discotheque long been known road car brakes suddenly vulnerable ... ears ringing, at the time no hear.

You please press graves for ear Nhe. Simple way as follows:

- Place two palm to two ear, from from delete coronary ear according circle in 1 minute stars for two ear have feeling heat up. Then the middle finger in the ear plug and pull out, as quickly repeated 50 times.

- The other is the ear drum by two palms facing ears, fingers, laid back, slightly cupped over, pressed into a rhythm a light weight, do so 30 times. Then use two finger tap on the rear and middle ear about 30 times

- If prolonged tinnitus treated by roasting up a little common salt, add a small bag, warm compresses around your ear. The heat of the salt mild tinnitus reduced effect immediately.

- This is just a few tips to treat tinnitus immediately. If you have chronic tinnitus, you should knock on the door specialist ear, nose and throat.

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