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The secret to buy petrol

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1The secret to buy petrol Empty The secret to buy petrol Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:05 pm



No one learned the word surprise. There are facts that no one thought of.

A. So early morning gas

Gasoline elongation or shrink, shrink depending on the temperature. During a cold night petrol shrink, shrink, reducing the volume. At normal temperatures for gasoline, a gallon is a gallon really new. Hottest time of day, when we paid 10 gallons, but actually we only get 10 x 0.91 = 1.9 gallons to 10 gallons x 9.3 = 9.3 only, the rest is just a vapor, not gasoline.

Want to verify this, the post-tea outstanding wine, please close your Xap veterans, first Black April, commissariat service industry, specializing in care of a few tanks of petrol, fringe - Fringe Benefits - on gasoline elongation of how the questions all right: but receive regular gasoline level emitted by gasoline and elongation, the difference is a significant number had to make many rank and position must be greater than the closing o techniques which transport gasoline to his wife and children (petrol for they shall have been allocated in the papers then.)

For example, gas tank in your car contains up to 20 gallons. In the morning when it's cold, at gas nozzle automatically stop, let you know it is full, then in your gas tank is exactly 20 gallons.

But it's hot lunch is different. Now tap the gas pumps stop automatically in your gas tank is only 20 x 9.91 = 18.2 gallons to 18.6 gallons only 20 gallons of gasoline for the morning right up a volume of 20 gallons, but the hot lunch is just 18.6 gallons of gasoline enlarged and occupied, occupy a volume equal to 20 gallons.

To be precise, we should distinguish two types of gasoline:

Regular gasoline is gasoline in the state space it and it immediately increases the volume of petrol because the temperature and / or pressure increases. West Like bread - French bread - while still in the state Department of powder as small as a toe, but when baked (heated) and elongation up to it by the upper arm, the powder did not increase, only the volume of powder increases only.

Morning we paid a gallon, we get a gallon of gasoline, but hot afternoon we also pay enough money for a gallon of gasoline but the situation was only getting a gallon of petrol hatch, not a gallon of regular gasoline.

A gallon usually hatch = gallon x 91/100 = 0.91 gallons = gallons of regular or regular x 93/100 = 0.93 gallon we pay only.

Two. Do not pour gasoline tank trucks are pumping gas at the tank of gas plant

At the tank, usually of 18-wheelers, poured gasoline on tank rushing, increased pressure in the tank of gasoline as a fuel gas of the game easy to expand. Just from 0.91 gallons or 0.93 gallons of regular gasoline usually is able to expand to become a gallon bloom. Usually paid by gallon gallon, only the hatch, only from 0.91 to 0.93 gallon to pay the real pain. If this pump is pumping at full debris (dirty fuel) into the gas tank of his car always.

3. Press the gas flow slowly

Fuel hose has three different speeds. After the hose for gasoline to get into the hole filled up, we usually need to look on high gasoline, then lock it with the iron core. In this position, fuel flows into the gas tank in your car the fastest and has made us the most damage: the faster gas flow into gas tank in your car makes more gasoline and elongation, and creep into gasoline in fuel tank your car is more fuel blossomed out rather than regular gasoline, gasoline we pay.

Fuel hose which also has three rungs. Just tap gently to the first rung of gasoline up barricades and press right on, the gas flow in slowly. If tugging little bit more then it jumped rungs second, very sensitive. Pull up sharply over the third rung so sure.

4. Hard to stop to refuel while still half per

If you let it dry gas tank in your car before refueling is also an opportunity for new gasoline poured into the elongation due to falls from heights and being more pressure - pressure of the gas tank empty spaces in the neighboring and high pressure makes the gas volume and elongation.

When gas is half the range of gasoline down to tap into new fuel and reduced pressure in the gas tank when petrol was much less than normal running.

If you do not agree for sure how much that savings must be so cumbersome, I would remind you the sentence: "One trend that I was saving a penny and make it - a penny saved is a penny earned. "/.

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