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Differentiation of fresh fish

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A few tips will help you choose when buying a fish delicious daily shopping.

Ankle: Fresh fish eyes would bulge and transparent cornea elastic. As the spoilage eye indentations in the eye sockets, and opaque cornea wrinkled or torn.

Anal anal fresh fish (ham) deep indentation on the inside, white light and flat belly. As the spoilage anal pink or red bruises, bug out, bloated belly.

Gills: fish fresh red rose, flowers contract stick with no viscosity, no smell. Wear gray spoilage, do not stick with flowers contract, is viscous, foul-smelling.

Fish Scales: fresh fish scales, fish clinging to the body, no mucus, no smell. But bending the fins translucent, not shining bright, easy to peel off the body structure, an odor.
In addition, fresh fish mouth shut tight, and spoilage, oh, the mouth shut. Fresh meat firm, elastic, leaving no trace of the finger pressing into the flesh of fish. What is the opposite spoilage.

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