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The secret formula for the jam and fruit

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The secret formula for the jam and fruit 44169073
With these formulas and tricks you can manually make these kinds of fruit jam and delicious most diverse according to their preferences.

Not picky and materials processing as easy to find, just a little dexterity, the family quickly you can eat breakfast at home with bread and jam interesting results.


Fruit: 1kg
Sugar: 0.6 kg - 1kg
Water: 50ml


Process mango jam

Step 1: Choose fruit as you want. Because almost any fruit jam also if there is no water content is too high.

Step 2: Wash fruit and remove seeds if any.

Step 3: Thai fruit into cubes or shred like. You can determine the hardness of the fruit.

Step 4: For fruits, sugar and water into the pot simmer. Approximately 10-20 minutes until the jam has soft taste.

Step 5: North out kitchen into glass jars have been through the hot water blanching.

If there is no glass bottles, you can use plastic boxes with lids. To jam in a cool place for cool people to leave the cabinet.

Scented jackfruit jam

Sweet and sour apple jelly, strawberry jam or anything red berry fruit are you like


- You can break how to use tropical fruits. For example, jackfruit, mango, mangosteen or sprightly.

- You can be prepared according to the fruit of your choice.

- If you want to jam extra flavor you can add a few drops of lemon juice when was north out of the kitchen.

- Do not add lemon juice while cooking to avoid a bitter taste.

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