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9 tips to clean the kitchen easier

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You have to do hard work as cleaners and kitchen utensils or not? PNO would tell you a few tips to help job easier.

• To the sink becomes easier, add a few tablespoons of vinegar into the soap. Vinegar will help clean away grease faster, and khienchen brighter and cleaner disc.

• To wash away the stains of food in the microwave, let's spread a little salt on the stain when it was left on the stove. Wait until the oven cools, moist sponge clean.

• To clean the sponge, please rinse it with water, then put in the microwave oven was still wet. When you see steam rising from the foam, which is when the bacteria are dying. Be careful taking the sponge out the microwave, because it was very hot. Me sponge rinse again before using. Note: only applies to the sponge does not have components made of metal.

• To clean the stain on the glass, cup or warm water, let in a little vinegar and boil. Keep lightly boiling vinegar about 10 minutes then rinse with clear water.

• To clean dirt inside the teapot or coffee stains, use a cloth dipped in clean little lemon juice, left over night and rinse with soap.

• To brighten the sink, use a half-cup of salt mixed in water in the sink and rub lemon half used in cleaning the tub. For about 10 minutes and rinse with water

• To avoid staining the colored plastic from sour foods, vegetable oils can be applied inside the box before you put food into.

• To clean the cooking surface, use 1 part bleach mixed with 3 parts water, for in a spray bottle. This solution will clean the dirt and disinfect kitchen surfaces.

• To reduce the smell of food in the kitchen, using absorbent cotton vanilla flavor into your kitchen or refrigerator to remove odors.

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