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The secret drunk alcohol without

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The secret drunk alcohol without Ruou
Drinking alcohol will experience symptoms of headaches, drunk ... But due to work, communicate, especially to attend the party last year, you can not drink? We will share with you the secret to drinking but not drunk.

There are many perceptions about alcohol, processed there, your praise. Even people considered alcohol as a drug, causing many crying scenes, bad jokes and many heartbreaking stories. But since ancient metal, humanity is ... not stop drinking. Modern life has numerous events where alcohol is always around, making people very hard to say goodbye drinks that ghost.

For women in general and successful women entrepreneurs, there are times like the assistant wine, bring to them the excitement and sense of confidence. Alcohol also helps them get rid of unnecessary barriers, reap more or less successful in communicating with partners.

However, the alcohol makes women wary, worried. Many women take fun, have insomnia because of the disaster came from alcohol. But probably not refuse to drink alcohol during the event after another and every wine is always present there? How it is drunk without drinking alcohol?

And what to do before drinking alcohol

Maybe girls do not skip a stage makeup before leaving home to go to the event! So do not forget to prepare how to deal with alcohol, an agent can do many ugly women in the eyes of an objective or partners.

You should know, their tolerance of Asian women less than men the same continent. Asians generally tolerate less alcohol than Europeans and Americans. So do not be subjective. Science has discovered the culprit alcohol makes people easily fall into the state does not tolerate alcohol. Light then drowsiness, severe intoxication or poisoning, depending on the level as well as drinking wine.

One minute after drinking, alcohol in wine to the brain, 20% of alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach and 80% is absorbed in the intestine. What happens then when women have periodic bear all this glass to other glasses, in an event that occurs several hours and many guests they have to raise the cup?

Before joining a wine dinner, you should use some oily food. This way the surface of the stomach and intestines are coated with a layer of oil, to reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of two parts.

Also, you can eat egg whites or duck eggs. Quality of egg white albumin will precipitate alcohol in wine, reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the risk of alcohol poisoning and drunk. On the other hand, albumin also protects the gastric mucosa before stimulating effect, hyperemia, ulcers ... of alcohol found in wine.

Lemon juice or lemon sugar or some sliced ​​fruit sour lactic acid, acetic acid (like orange, lemon, tangerine ...) ... can significantly neutralize the alcohol in wine, helps reduce the risk of drunk or alcohol poisoning.

While drinking, you should note what?

Do not forget to drink while eating. Drink slowly to give your body time to metabolize the alcohol was taken. In one hour, the resolution can only be 1/10 XI 45 degrees alcohol (25 mL), alcohol not resolve the backlog caused by drinking too quickly will spill into the bloodstream, likely to cause poisoning.

You should use foods like turnips, white cabbage, parsley, the dish made from green beans, the dish more oil, grease, other fruits such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, strawberries .. . while drinking. These foods will help to neutralize, reduce alcohol intake in alcohol or alcohol-resolution, can also help you glasses that are not crazy.

You should never drink alcohol with carbonated soft drinks, because the reaction cavity will speed up alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. Just drink a category and choose the best wine, the type usually reserved for women.

While drinking, if you have nausea, vomiting go to the toilet and everything. Avoid suppressing or anti-nausea medication, as this, you have inadvertently retained toxins that the body is trying to use self defense mechanism to eliminate outside.

After vomiting, you can add water, electrolytes and energy with a glass of fruit juice or lemon juice, sugar. Besides, you can use a bowl of gruel. Porridge is easy to digest, making you feel heavy abdomen.

The juices help with alcohol poisoning and efficient

In the case of implementation of the above but still say, you have to do? You can order for home or have someone help to get rid of fatigue, discomfort, even drunk, poisoning ... in the following ways:

- Drink a glass of water right or water cane pound turnips, juiced, add some sugar for easy drinking.

- Eating about 15-30g of product made from green beans or retired 5-10g green beans, sugar drinks to cause vomiting, expelling all of the stomach out.

- You can use a little parsley, washed, then juiced pound sip slowly. The juice fast is not the solution but also reduce alcohol heavy feeling, headache when drunk.

Mix lemon juice with wire or sharp 10g tapioca or cassava wire flowers to drink. Also, you can brake cassava flower 5g, 5g tea buds, 10g green beans with boiling water and drink several times a day also helps the liver excrete toxins of alcohol.

Many people also use the identity of those little slices of ginger add honey, making good blood circulation and increases the ability of alcohol. You can add to the body a number of minerals such as potassium, calcium is lost due to vomiting with sharp black bean juices, ripe tomato juice, grapefruit juice ... Concentrated coffee with caffeine, green tea with tanic acid substances are chemicals wine quite effective resolution.

You can also apply the lessons of eastern medicine below:

- How fragrant dried tangerine peel 30g, spread chips. Get two sour apricots, seeded, finely shredded, sharp with 360ml water over low heat and tangerine peel. After 30 minutes filter residues, drinking water with a little water or fresh ginger tea.

- 50g Dried lemon peel, tangerine peel 50g, 25g cassava flower, flowers 25g green beans, ginseng 10g, nutmeg 10g, 30g salt, grind all to powder, sealed in containers. When drunk, you mix 6-7g powder with water and drink three times daily.

However, in case of deep love, respiratory disorders and cardiovascular ... fold a family need to move patients to the hospital.

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