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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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24 tips or ill treatment from the kitchen

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The plants with spices or honey, eggs, la Oh, melon ... still be preferred by the safety and effectiveness of it. Here is a collection of pocket or get tips to help protect health at no cost.

A. To reduce cough, take a thin slice of onion mixed with two tablespoons of honey, then for about 3 to 4 hours and then remove pieces of honey will help to reduce cough, sore throat significantly.

Two. Chew guava leaves to treat diarrhea lives quickly and effectively.

3. To treat heartburn after meals, drink a glass of water with a piece of jaggery (raw brown sugar and unprocessed).

4. You get hiccups? Make roasted hot pepper seeds then took a deep breath. This will help you all rungs immediately.

Five. Another way is used to treat diarrhea for the fenugreek seeds in half cup warm water.

6. Improve the health of your liver by eating a piece of chilled fresh pineapple dipped in honey, once a day. You will see a marked improvement within 15 days.

7. To relieve chronic constipation, eat a half cup of spinach.

8. Chewing cloves is a good way to protect teeth and prevent bad breath.

9. You need to treat muscle soreness? Try a mustard bath. Take 15 to 20 grams of mustard powder in a cloth, tie it and dipped into a bucket of hot water for 10-15 minutes and then use it for bathing. It will help you cure aches and cramps.

10. Do you know cabbage and cabbage juice helps restore the mucosal lesions were due to contract food inside the stomach and intestines do not? If possible drink cabbage juice slightly.

11. To reduce the sting of a bee sting, take a teaspoon of onion juice to remove a bee sting area then pick out the stinger with tweezers. Also, you can use bee sting rub aspirin for pain.

12. To cure bad breath, boil a few fenugreek leaves (4-6 leaves) in a boiling water and then gargle with warm water. Try it for 7 days, twice a day you will see the situation improved significantly.

13. Soak one teaspoon of flour in 150 ml of water overnight. Drinking water in the morning will reduce the acidity and gastric problems.

14. Chew about 5 basil leaves just sleep on to keep the throat from infections, diseases of the mouth and gums. Make this a regular habit to avoid diseases of the throat.

15. You feel indigestion? One teaspoon of mint juice mixed with an equal amount of honey and lemon juice will solve this problem quickly. Try it for 3 days after the main meal, you will feel the difference.

16. You want to hide bruises, bruising to also attend outings that important? Use cotton dipped in undiluted vinegar and ice to the bruised area until dry.

17. You can use egg whites to replace the use of ointments.

18. Asthma patients can use honey mixed in a cup of boiling water to drink every day.

19. To get rid of a persistent cough, eat a guava has been baked in an oven or over charcoal. Apply for 4-5 days.

20. Tender coconut water is used to remove skin regularly for about 6 months to reduce and remove the small scar.

21. Juice from the primary circuit manuscript (wheat grass) to foster health. Drink a glass every day to find an increase in vigor.

22. Soak hands in warm salt water before bed to ease the pain.

23. A teaspoon of castor oil taken in the morning with warm water (not eat) to cure indigestion and to reduce muscle soreness.

24. Menstrual pain by taking a few cloves of garlic, fry them in butter, cool add a little sugar and swallow. Only after about 15 minutes you will feel better soon.

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