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Effective use stockings

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You are not known because the skeptics have to choose for themselves how the socks to match the dress and how to use retain durability for all. The following advice is good for you!

Select stockings
All made thinner as its proximity to the skin, with your leg color, choose a darker color in all cases not find the appropriate colors. If the foot should go to every dark and feeling the ball for less smaller. All bright contrast gloss thin the foot becomes larger. If you do not get perfect legs absolutely avoid socks with powder, metal or any other route patterns matter because it makes other people focus their attention on your weaknesses.

Do not show cross-calf socks while mini juyp your case ... above the knee length. Note any color with colored shoes. Do not let your short legs go one way unjust because catching a pair of red or white friends with all dark brown or black. If your feet sweat easily, do not choose the pair have more plastic, will have bad legs, just bad all.

use stockings

All should be washed before use. Wash by hand or wrap them all into a small cloth bag if not zippers, buttons color from clothes, washing pots of paint or scratching your nails all in the wash. Do not squeeze all that just squeeze it dry. Exposure to any flat surface and avoid intense sunlight shine into. When the sun goes all the length of the course into a cage-shaped foot in the kitchen then. Display your thumb inside the fingers and the other pulls up.

If the skin rough hands, should apply a soothing cream before going off to avoid scratches. The ring you wear on your hands and fingers is also perfectly sharp pruning may be the culprit for all scratches. If you go there every sandal, but still want to best suit your finger is all paper. However it is best to walk barefoot sandal. When traveling all across his lap and wear long skirts over it, sit down, you must be very careful case does not reveal any skin.

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