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note effective for weight loss

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Through work experience as well as the fact itself, MSc, Dr. Dao Thi Yen Phi, nutrition experts recommend 10 practical experience that dieters should be noted:

A. Between physical activity and diet is to note the role of diet in weight loss is the main and decisive than physical activity. In addition to two factors, other means are only supporting measures.

Two. Do not place your weight loss goals within 1 month and every weight loss phase lasts at least 3 months, with the goal of reducing 500g per week, if so that was successful.

3. Always have available a certain food, to eat when hungry or craving, never hungry or do not lead to stomach the food is touching something.

4. Tap to record what I ate, mass behavior calories consumed in a day. Thereby, we will see the dangers of junk food: That's enough energy but lacks the essential ingredients necessary for the body and excess substances may lead to weight gain.

Five. Beware of dishes or meals outside the program as a party, festival or just a few peanuts, a few small loaves.

6. Eating more vegetables is good for the diet but note fruits, especially the sweet kind, not helpful for weight loss. Vegetables are high energy but not in vegetables have more vitamins.

7. Do not use the fried, roasted, skin, offal, fat, onions, onion, if possible autonomy itself is only a trial and only 1 piece only

8. Need wary of being vegetarian, so most all contain fat, high carbohydrate.

9. Drink plenty of water, at any time may be taken every day should drink 3-4 liters of water. Drink water before meals and upon waking up.

10. When you have free time, choose to read books, newspapers, walking, set-up ... instead of cooking or buying food.

Weight gain, today is certain will come to everyone regardless of age, without reasonable life, balanced eating and physical activity. Especially for women, stories stay in shape after the youth's primary concern is that lady, of which about dieting is most applicable.

However, some people succeed in weight loss with less dietary methods, most of them also to the amount of body fat just fall down unpredictably emerge, but such as dieting failures, gradually conversation gradually obesity is inevitable.

To avoid gaining weight - obesity, according to nutrition experts, need to perform at least two things are: there is a reasonable diet and regular physical activity as appropriate.

Reasonable diet including reducing energy intake, but must ensure adequate nutrients by eating foods rich in reduced energy such as rice, bread, cakes, tea .... Use small dishes, eat slowly, chew thoroughly before eating, or stop eating when feeling full but not fast or skip meals.

In the sensible eating, dieters have to reduce fat is fat of animal origin.

The second step to lose weight is to achieve a positive effect of physical activity on a regular basis and often from 30-60 minutes a day, by walking, jogging, cycling, fitness ... will help weight loss or weight maintenance is needed.

Today, many people also use drugs to lose weight, however this may be the two knife blades, so need to have the guidance of doctors, especially those with chronic heart or diabetes.

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