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What problems ... sleep latency

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For some reason that you often have to stay up late, know that the health effects but there is no choice. So any solution to remove traces of fatigue and restore the beauty of the body?

A. Eat right

- Limit if you regularly eat meat to be gone. The salty food is not good for the skin, swelling and skin prone to staining.

- Split dinner, dinner should not be too full. In return, eat a light snack, easy to digest, low in fat, rich in vitamin B, good for mental activity. Fruit, porridge, milk is the proper food. Limit your intake of fast food such as instant noodles, cakes. Eat at least 1 hour before bedtime.

- Do not use coffee or stimulant drinks in the evening in the hope of a longer form. The long drinks this will severely damage the operation of the nervous system, ease stress and fatigue. In addition, wine or beer. smoking will damage your enamel.

- Drink plenty of water helps toxins from the body, enhance brain activity and avoid dry eyes. Should also be added to the body of fruit juices containing vitamin C, B. Vitamin C prevents oxidation, good for skin and digestive system. Vitamin B helps increase your energy for the body.

Two. Sleep properly

- Though late you should still make sure to sleep at least 4-5 hours / night. Too little sleep is bad for the brain's activity, cause fatigue the next morning.

- When you sleep, so are inclined to limit the pressure on the heart's activity. Located slightly higher pillow will avoid the phenomenon of facial swelling following morning.

- Bedrooms have a cool, quiet.

- Do not get up too late the next morning. The early morning air is good for health.

3. Skin Care

Skin care is extremely important, sleep late to influence directly the beauty of your skin, especially the skin, skin prone to staining and aging. To limit the damage, you should:

- Regularly massage your skin gently helps the blood vessels under the skin circulation, avoid skin pale and washed out after waking up.

- Sleep late skin will lose a significant amount of water, so in addition to drinking plenty of water, do not forget to moisturize your skin before bedtime. This ensures moisture and restore elasticity to the skin. Should limit the use of the creams in the late evening.

- The skin mask from fruits will be the best choice for you. The skin becomes cool, bright and not swollen.

4. Eyes recovery

Late can make your eyes tired. The skin around the eyes prone to swelling berry. The tips below will help you:

- Use ice compresses around the eyes to help skin cells shrink, skin firming. But not for too long as compresses will break the capillaries beneath the skin.

- Be sure to use eye drops (biliary type) to avoid dry eyes, red eyes and eye allergies.

- Regular eye care with fruit mask. You can use sliced ​​cucumbers to put on eye on every night before bed.

Five. Shower

Shower will help you relax, combat fatigue. When the bath should be massaged gently to remove dead skin cells, restore skin's softness.

But should not bathe too late. Bath after morning exercise is good for health.

6. Make the right way

You want to erase traces of late nights left on his face. There is no other way. Pay attention to makeup.

- The use of these types of makeup and pink tones match skin to pink face. Makeup in the dark as possible colors reveal the fatigue on your face.

- When makeup, special attention should eye makeup. Use concealer or other types of pollen specialized to hide the dark circles under the eyes.

- Do not choose a lip color is too dark or too bright. Bright pink lipstick, lip color is close to the best choice for you.

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