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Bedroom Design for 'young couple'

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When decorating where two people will share their sex lives, you should make sure to create a space stimulate desire. Above all, that's where things start to happen magically.
Here are a few small moves from professional interior designer Melissa Galt in Atlanta (USA) to create a charming bed and just perfect.

A. Bedroom offers

Sure, you want to feel comfortable when lying on a bed made of soft linen or silk. Use the pillows velvet with fur material creates comfortable feeling for the sweet quest completed.

Two. More mystery

Accessories are always indispensable to embellish a room. The romance was spread onto the soft pillow, a lamp during deep or large mirrors hun smoking. Remember, always put the mirror in the bedroom to make your bedroom a sense of depth and a lot wider than normal.

3. Stay away from the equipment

Nothing kills romance like the machines performance big, bulky ungainly halfway between your bed inh. Bed is the place to "briefing", relaxation and the equipment never fit so romantic.

4. Do not bring work home to bed

Again it should be emphasized that bed is always where the absolute relaxation. Never try to bring work with you to bed. When the two of you were in bed, focus your attention on your partner.

Five. Choose light

According Sheknows light in the bedroom so small to too strong light will cause both loss of concentration, decreased arousal, sometimes it also causes shyness for both. Remember: always enough to dim the lights, at level 3 is enough. Light pink or dark red are recommended in this case.

6. Melodious music

Music lies a great power in raising emotion when the couple closer. When you hear a track, you can be irritating, reminiscent of old memories or pictures of those times before and close to the sound of two people. All that will stimulate memories, helps the body to secrete a substance effective in treating impotence and frigidity. Not only that, the soaring, passionate, intense emotional impact of music is also stored and metamorphosis. You will "top" faster.

Keep a CD featuring songs both preferred. Use of bedside sound system also promotes mood very quickly.

7. Do not forget to smell

Contribute to a romantic night is fragrant. For women, the familiar scent that they like the same dose as an aphrodisiac.

There is a fact that he could hardly resist with fruit trees and sweet scented. Small two or three drops of orange oil or extract the ball to your desk lamp, heat will disperse the odors.

Plug the scented flowers for the bedroom, especially filling the vase with warm water as this will make the flowers bloom faster and more frozen flavor. Burning candles with the fragrance of fruit, flowers, trees.

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