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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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7 dishes from beef kidney powerful utility helps fine

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The beef dishes are always intrigued by the delicious and nutritious. Beef has many amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B, D ... are kidney effects, blood oxygen, making robust muscles, is very effective in adding plasticity and increase energy Length of the body.

Please recommend some dishes - all for you to read drug reference.
Lesson 1: 250g beef, 10g Raspberry, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, a fine wine, just enough feedback. Raspberry quick wash from crushed, add 1 tablespoon of the wine. Wash sliced ​​beef. Northern pan to stove, add 1 tablespoon oil and heat it for beef stir fry for 5 minutes. Pour the meat to the pot soil, for the Raspberry flavor with a little seed, add water to cover beef, cooking heat to boiling and then simmer the stew meat is ripe. Eat meals, day 2-3 times. Effect: add the event spleen, kidney, decreased urination.

Lesson 2:

250g beef, white for parts 200g, 200g skeptical paint, small in 200g, 200g lotus seed, jujube 100g. Ripe dried beef, powdered. Primary star in aroma, with skeptical paint mill brought, for parts, lotus seeds. Jujube nine distillation. Bring beef and flour dough skeptical paint, lotus seed, for parts, mixed with apple juice in small vessels with corn as members. Eating 50g a day. Effect: good for digestion, the nephrotic back pain, body tired to eat.

Lesson 3: 250g beef, all 15g bowl, pepper 15g, 6g ceiling packaging, cardamom 6g, 6g cardamom, fresh ginger, salt, wine enough. Clean beef, dipped in boiling water, cut into slices. Ginger, onion juice mixed with water on the powdered drug, the less water mix, marinated beef, for the bottle tightly covered container for 2 days, then removed, washed with boiling water, drained, for into the kiln dried beef. Eat slowly during meals or eating own discretion. Effect: welding of damaged spleen, low delay, stomach boiling, poor food, cold limbs.

Lesson 4: 250g beef; 30g lotus seeds; paint pharmaceuticals, for flexible, small salmon, 250g each of jujube; a little salt. Washed minced beef, for the pot, pour enough water, heat to heat to boiling. When meat is cooked to the position above the wash, simmer until meat is ripe. Eat meals com.Tac in use: blood gas utility, power crystal, mental security.

Lesson 5:

250g beef, butter 25g, 15g starting element, a bulb onion, carrot a tuber, a potato tuber. Thai meat into small cubes about 3 - 4 cm, sprinkle with salt, pepper and stir the meat, the butter in saucepan, heat the meat to turn yellow and then fried to act on fried, followed by the launch particles into the water and pour 400ml, boiling, and finally for carrots, potatoes to boil about 2 hours as is. Before you take the pot down to about 20 minutes to 1 tablespoon of flour to a paste is fried. Eating meals. Effect: the youth of renal failure, early gray hair, impotence heterosexual female frigidity, slow-growing children, the elderly, physically impaired.

Lesson 6: 250g beef, 10g skeptical paint, just enough spice. Beef is washed, sliced ​​into a saucepan, pour enough cooked, for further skeptical paint on the spices cooked in is. During the day. Effect: poor diet treatment, impotence, premature ejaculation, apathy in sexual activity, exhausted limbs.

Lesson 7: oxtail 60g, 50g or regulations, pepper, salt, ginger just enough. Oxtail shaved clean, tight song. Wash and drain the rules. Ginger clean shaving cut microfiber shell. Oxtail, the regulations for the pot, pour enough water boil, then simmer stew for 2 hours, when oxtail cooked, for medium spicy, ginger, pepper powder is fragrant. Eating constantly about 7-10 days. Effects: positive cure kidney failure, weak tendons, aching legs.

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