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Are hazardous to health when long-term oral contraception ?

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The pill is considered one of the effective methods of contraception and initiative. However, the point that many people worry that long-term oral contraceptives have any effect or not?

In fact, not have any documentation showing that the oral contraceptive pills should only be used in a certain number of years. This also means that you can prolong the use of arbitrary, until control is desired pregnancy. Unless you have one of the specified diseases for which banned birth control pills or blood clotting disorder such as high blood pressure.

A few years ago, people thought that the Pill would hinder conception after stopping the pill but proven fact that this is absolutely not true.

Women who have regular periods before starting to drink it regularly will also have experience back after they stop smoking. Similarly, those with cycle irregularities before taking birth control pills, after suspending, of their menstrual cycle will again erratic.

Some evidence suggests that the use of long-term oral contraceptives may increase the risk of some cancers such as cervical cancer, liver cancer. But conversely, it also reduces the risk of some cancers such as ovarian cancer and endometrium cancer. If you're concerned about cancer risk by taking birth control, talk with your doctor.

You should not use the pill after age 35, especially if you smoke or are at risk of heart disease. However, if overall health is good and not smoking, you can use the pill until menopause.

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