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The girls turned into how female eunuch?

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The girls turned into how female eunuch? 398081738_ds23021214
To turn a regular girl female eunuch in the imperial palace of China, we have adopted extremely harsh measures.
Although mostly male eunuch and very powerful, the use of female eunuch harem managed to remain a considered choice of the wise king. So, in some reigns, people see the whole female eunuch.

If such men suffered eunuchs "spirit", ie removal of the gas supply before then for the female eunuch, the impacts that they become a complete woman does not seem much more complex .

There have been several theories about the solution "in need" them as in a narrow or deformation of the gas ... but plausible hypothesis is the writer Lu Xun called "U hold" in "disease complex climate talks." This is a very brutal measures: one small sticks beating a woman in the stomach to the womb falling, unable to conceive, pregnancy and childbirth is.
In ancient feudal society, especially in China - a society renowned for male-supremacy mentality, then the women are rare. Jobs in the harem of actresses, is clearly derived from the imperial eunuchs guard the southern side of them only. If not, what are the women turn to the supply.

Female office - ie by calling female eunuch of folk - there was very early. The Han Dynasty talented Chieu famous women, to the Song Dynasty, the female Dr. Lam Ngoc Dieu, Tang mail Advanced Performance Training and female, life Minh "Women's power," Van Quy Nhi. They are all women in the same office, are the female eunuch.
History of the Chinese women have for so long. In the regime of regulations on official life 3000 years ago Chu was found inscribed on the female. In the book "Chu holidays. Meditation "is the" Female to "stating: Female is managing queen ceremony, held internal values ​​of internal affairs in the palace. The Chu set out eight of the women. By the Han Dynasty a total of 200 women.

Female completely different from the concubines, appearance, beauty is not the essential things in them, they do not have to do to provide concubines for the emperor, originally did not have sexual relations with the emperor.

The female office.
As the Ming dynasty, many particulars as to provide women the age was 30-40, are single. The mission of the very disparate women: who shall hold office publications, specializing in eating, sleep recording of the emperor by the clock, including the "abuse" with anyone, the situation of pregnant concubines; with the side responsible for cleaning; have the professional person in charge of handing down the bedding technique for the emperor, carried out teaching about the room by themselves to lead their own lives for the Crown Prince. Of course, when the Crown Prince, the inspiration of popular girls may become important tools for their sex, some even become non-royal ...

Some women also play important role in managing sex life in the palace. Although not as powerful as powerful eunuchs, but once women and eunuchs of colluding with each other, have great influence, even in the same cause graphics.
Life, after the princess to marry into the royal government in the provision Cross. Meanwhile, the emperor sent his daughter to an old woman is always important to serve the next. Women are called the "housekeeper," she managed quite large. Outside the Prince Consort also want to always have fun time with his wife face a major obstacle is the "housekeeper Mrs.", to bribe her to get into a lot of money, because if there is no word of letting out ports, the Prince Consort with his wife can not be.

So many things happened misfortune. The husband of his sister Princess Sun Emperor Wanli, because bribery does not meet the requirements of "housekeeper she" should not be with her for the wife, the Department of neurodegenerative disorders that cause dead princess to widowed life. Once female eunuch, Princess of Wanli love to call the Prince Consort on Religion supply but then women are busy managing the drinking pleasure with which her hands eunuchs fell in love.
Wait forever for the women in the communication, the Prince Consort on his wife. Then, when you know, the angry woman went drunk fake prince consort dragged out of bed and kick out also chided the princess for a while. Princess very instant, the next morning will tell the natural parents, but did not expect women outwit officials, "alleged villains go before", so when she met Princess barely open her mouth was insult one moment.

Prince Consort after being expelled from the palace, to explain to the music side, music samples, no doubt eunuchs hand "out" of the celebrated women who fight for a waiting game to describe. The case is made to talk, Prince Consort was accused of disrespect, start going to school rules and rituals fine 3 months from entering along with his wife. She is the woman going to hold the other, but he is not eunuchs unharmed.
There is another type of women are important in providing medical women, known as "Mrs. Y". The provision also has the military medical men, but they only examined the main men, while women's medical examination should they indirectly. So the y valerian selected to provide for medical examination, post-treatment, non, the Princess ...

Overall, the women selected to supply y are elements of high quality, serious working attitude. They use medical technology to help treat the disease is difficult to tell the women in the palace, to help them apply sexually repressed institutions, sometimes enhances sexuality, pregnancy, and even abortion.
However, considering the history that China does not have records about medical intervention female royal politics or causes of disorder.

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