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Funny cats in water, EPIC

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1Funny cats in water, EPIC  Empty Funny cats in water, EPIC Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:23 am



there was like 20 videos and only 2 or 3 of them showed kids trying to put a cat in the water. I think you should have said that most were funny but some were cruel!

also, the kid in the bathtub and the kid who tried to throw the cat in the swimming pool are both too young and probably can't speak yet! I think you're making a big deal out of this and just felt like coming up with an excuse to give a lecture on a youtube video!

the music suits it!

EVIL OTTO in reply to BigBlueBox19 (Show the comment) 44 minutes ago

the little kids who put the cats in water didn't understand that cats don't like that... the baby just thought it was bath time for everyone.. the other boy won't try that one twice... and sometimes you have to force cats to bathe (dirty cats, flee housing cats etc.) it's all good... luckily my cat is all good with her baths... you just start em out as kittens

Megan Frazier 1 hour ago

1:46 DAMN!

gtrTeamLeaderTurkey 3 hours ago

This is so funny lol

miyia02 3 hours ago

gotta love 1:48 hahha that cat hates its life lol

cheyenne herson 3 hours ago

My favorite part was where the little kid tries to throw the cat in the pool and the cat ends up pushing him instead

probubly just something in the bowl, or the light making it that colour

Lizz Houle in reply to Chloe Jacobson (Show the comment) 6 hours ago

1:46 gaara kitty isn't amused

Lizz Houle 6 hours ago

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ufajlok1 6 hours ago

who says cats cant swim

Eoin716 7 hours ago 4

Is the one at 3:13 pee?

Chloe Jacobson 7 hours ago

That's true

wiicrazy2000 in reply to PortfolioPL (Show the comment) 7 hours ago

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mosesmoses2000 8 hours ago

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RdGreenMusik 8 hours ago

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