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funny baby and cat

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1funny baby and cat Empty funny baby and cat Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:25 am



How insanely irresponsible? That's how I feel when I see dog owners let their giant creatures lick and paw their babies. But all creatures are not created equal. Some dogs, and some cats don't have the right disposition. People have to use their best judgement, but I think all pet owners need to be very careful with pets and babies.

stupidpoopname 1 day ago

Wow how irresponsible is the mother of this child . You are lucky the cat didn't scratch the child to death, or that the child didn't cause some serious damage to the cat . Grow the Fuk up

hayleymcdonald7 1 day ago

oh pauvre chat Sad

kpopvideo4 2 days ago

If an adult would do the same to the cat, the cat would prolly kill him on the spot.

EbiMelia 4 days ago

poor cat!!!! Smile)

madeINczech1 5 days ago

How cute!!!

Samantha Slater 6 days ago

that cat has an insanely high tolerance. my cat would have scratched my whole body by now.

MrsNickJonas110 1 week ago

Cat: "Ow, my hip...."

Cat: "wtf get off me"

CTammer 2 weeks ago

BTW the cat is moving it's tail because it's annoyed....

Kcheveux 2 weeks ago

cute baby and cat i want that cat

571Madina 2 weeks ago

If the cat did not like it, it would move.

Zamarioable 2 weeks ago

baby loves the cat and the cat loves the baby that's all ,so sweet and innocent

pengchunxiang 3 weeks ago 2

it couldnt move because its fucking fat

Hendrick Sarwom in reply to sangeliastorck (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

it has to be said that the cat is one cat that loves the baby. and is willing to tolerate the lil one.

if that cat really hated that treatment. there is nothing that could have stopped the cat from leaving the baby right there and then.

sangeliastorck 1 month ago

that cat hates its life

TAMR213 1 month ago 29

not funny the baby could have been scratched and if that baby keeps putting her knees with all her weight right onto the cat like that she's gonna hurt the kitty Sad

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