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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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Guinness Hides Out-Funny Cat Hides

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1Guinness Hides Out-Funny Cat Hides  Empty Guinness Hides Out-Funny Cat Hides Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:26 am



It looked like a detachable cat head

TheFamilyguy421 7 months ago 11

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I love your kitty!! Great video!!

NiteOwl1224 1 day ago

"Whos the mouse now?" - the cat

Ian Lai 1 day ago

0:48 It was just so darn cute when he started to crawl out

Tenjamin92 2 days ago

awww hes such a pretty kitty!

MrSlade242 4 days ago

I don't even really like cats but that one is gorgeous.

TheMystique231 4 days ago

Damn he's fluffy!

karasuchrono 5 days ago

i have seen him in some lol cats

TheHermitCat 1 week ago

Very cute cats!

baum502 1 week ago

That's one way to dust hard to reach places...

lol how did he fit himself in there?! he's so flufffyyyy cute!

guesswho2390 1 week ago

Your cat is really beautiful! Smile

darylCML 1 week ago

that thing is so fucking cute..

syedilyas33 1 week ago

You could tell this cat is loved. It may not be able to go roam the streets like my 1st floor cat, but it is certainly is in a good place. 

MrMcBez 1 week ago

Fix that baseboard in your kitchen. For heaven's sake! Cute kitten.

Beenana9 2 weeks ago

why u watchin the video then....

sonia121501 in reply to BluesCat1980 (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

Personally I don't care for cats. I like dogs better

BluesCat1980 2 weeks ago


BeautyParLana 2 weeks ago

Beautiful cat. He's so freaking furry!!!!^^ I just wanna hug him

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