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Việc làm - Rao vặt miễn phí

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1Funny Crazy BIG CAT SOUNDS!  Empty Funny Crazy BIG CAT SOUNDS! Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:28 am



he makes the nom nom

Xxcapta1nKrunchxX 1 day ago

0:36 'I always wanted to be a sheep'

Ciaran55 2 days ago 2

0:35  famous Simpsons quote "Haha"

sheep44644 4 days ago

Cougar sounds like a Sheep at the beginning xD

ugleland 4 days ago

Funny CAT

knrangwala 5 days ago

My cat is getting freaked out.

zakyzeek 5 days ago

Okay, Thanks we have verified from our studies that Lion have the greatest skills among Beasts. Lion don't get confuse of facing all comers they will only evade Elephants b'coz they are huge. Lions have Alpha Males and Tigers don't have. Force of thier bite are the same and African Lions have the strongest Paw Swipe today, Because they use Speed and landing with Long Arms Power.

Ocelot sounds like it has been possessed by a demon. The cougar sounds like a goat.

stingstungme 1 week ago

i love joseph and sasha in this one!

monikki187 1 week ago

"The King of Beasts" is usually a term used when referring to lions, I've never heard it being used to describe tigers?

BigCatRescue in reply to Leo Panthera (Show the comment) 1 week ago

There are thought to be less than 100 Florida Panthers in Florida and many are killed each year from car collisions etc... their habitat is also being fragmented by development which leads to inbreeding and males killing each other for territory. The future definitely is not looking bright for the cats Sad

BigCatRescue in reply to JeremyTheMoose (Show the comment) 1 week ago

I have a question. Wow how wonderful group felidae is. Smile

I have a question? We studied that African Lion is truly the King Of The Beasts b'coz of their pride, but people always thinking that Bengal Tiger or Siberian Tiger is The King Of The Beasts, though they only live in solitary.

Do you have an answer here though, you're all about Captivity? Thanks. Smile

Leo Panthera 1 week ago

Let's save Wild Cats & Wild Big Cats. Smile

raymond5ive29 1 week ago

i got an off topic question how many florida panthers are left in Florida? down here we have only seen one huge one and it's been attacking peoples livestock?

JeremyTheMoose in reply to BigCatRescue (Show the comment) 1 week ago in playlist Popular Videos

Beautiful killing machines.

vandalaylatex6969 1 week ago

153 and 217 for sure ^_^

theeeves in reply to MelbourneMaster (Show the comment) 1 week ago

the tigers just wants pets Sad

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