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Norwegian Forest Cat fun

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1Norwegian Forest Cat fun  Empty Norwegian Forest Cat fun Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:40 am



Got two white Norwegian forest cats myself, one is odd eyed and the other is deaf. Being deaf is no problem for an indoor cat in fact you can quite easily teach them sign language.

gris186 1 month ago

I have a cat identical to yours. It had been abandoned on the street as a kitten, could barely stand up, full of fleas, and starving. We took it in and looked after it. Her fur started getting rather long and it developed a very bushy tail. She is a strong, very good hunter, but loves human affection, and will always flop herself on your lap, often on her back. She also has quite a soft, yet high pitched voice. Can I send you a photo and see what you think?

mosty85 9 months ago

Yes, agreed. And how could I forget Turkish Vans? I had the most beautiful Turkish Van (or rather, she had me), years ago. White, with big blue-grey polka-dots (well, that's what they looked like!) and rings on her tail. To me, these breeds look wild and otherworldly. And their temperaments are beautiful. (Never met a cat I couldn't love, but Persians have often been bred to extremes.)

hamish1998 in reply to oneone1onezero0 (Show the comment) 1 year ago

I'd add Turkish Angoras to the list too. Just something luxurious about the long-haired cats....except persians. They look like normal cats who ran into a brick walls. I'll pass on the pug-cats.

oneone1onezero0 in reply to hamish1998 (Show the comment) 1 year ago

that tail <3<3<3

cybermelk 1 year ago

ahhhhhhh we have a 7moth old NFC who looks just like yours when smaller!! I hope he grows up to be as furry looking. I love NFC smiley faces.

Prrunski 1 year ago

Thanks!! I have a thing for the big cats like the Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest cats and Siberians! Those are my 3 favorites

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