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Cat Attack Dog! Funny Cats

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1Cat Attack Dog! Funny Cats  Empty Cat Attack Dog! Funny Cats Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:33 am



I love it!!!!!

kittykat99939 11 hours ago

OMG i laughed the s-hit out of me when i saw this cat boxing xD

WhySoSerious995 2 days ago

Ha ha cat attack

688Paris 2 days ago


It's on BITCH!!!! SUPER COMBO!!!!! Lol

asop201 2 days ago

0:01 to 0:13 Mrow! 0:14 to 0:38 Boom boom pow!

kimberly365021 2 days ago

Ninja cat

TheJackman828 3 days ago

What about that was funny? Scared the hell out of me!

ruthib75 1 week ago

I see but one cat here, when the title is clearly plural >Sad

BIackety 1 week ago

Great flying fist combos there!

cats dont hiss and growl when they are playing

lazthegreat10 in reply to LegithaxWins (Show the comment) 1 week ago

he had his claws inside his paws this is a cat playing

LegithaxWins in reply to AtomicKendama24 (Show the comment) 1 week ago

dude if someone kept sniffing my butt i'd hit them too.

MoonlightArsenica 2 weeks ago 3

Muhammad ali swinging

TheHaadisuhail 2 weeks ago

Does he have claws or was he declawed

AtomicKendama24 2 weeks ago

sniffing the pussy's.....pussy?

macknificent100 2 weeks ago

the cat is a boxer

aust tardif 2 weeks ago


superakuma1 2 weeks ago 2

CAT : I know Kungfu, bitch! 

ImZoMM 2 weeks ago

Dog:come on !! Just one sniff

Cat: umm hello!! Don't touch me!*slapslapslap*

Dog: plea

Cat: (interrupts) NIW!!! *slapslapslapslap*

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