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Funny dog with funny cat

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1Funny dog with funny cat  Empty Funny dog with funny cat Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:37 am



sideways jump rules

grecolar 2 years ago 10

It would be great if people were like these 2.

Mad7Princess 2 years ago 9

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Kitty: "Play with me!!!!"

Dog: "Too Tired..."

LudaChris06 11 months ago

This makes me want to get even more cats.

Scudaline 11 months ago

the cat is so sweet and wants to play but the dog is to stoned

tekno010 2 years ago

I love retrievers! They are so good with retriever loves our cats..she licks them haha

MJlove89 2 years ago

the dog was baked on cat nip

leave him alone!

13loodLust 2 years ago

HA! I love when cats do that sideways-thing!

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