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Funny Cat and Dog Playing

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1Funny Cat and Dog Playing  Empty Funny Cat and Dog Playing Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:41 am



The cat is not playing its irritated! U can tell by the ears! But there still cute :-)

centell naomi 1 month ago

Seeing this, why can't some dog owners and cat owners get along? They're both great animals!!

jpark3909 3 months ago

I love how the cat always goes for the neck and despite the size difference, manages to keep top position and control. Cats have a superior design and dogs have size advantage so it ends up being almost even.

BlackMark8LSC 3 months ago in playlist cat vs dog

Cat had the dog pinned a couple of times. Has my respect.

Mrlead88 5 months ago

Great cute dog and cat play!! Mine play the same way... usually initiated by the cat! Smile

vmicro 6 months ago

Song: Brad sucks - Making me nervous

TheChochopelao 7 months ago

Love how the dog goes belly up! lol What kind of move is that? Very cute. Surprised you didn't do more videos of them.

tvcat1 7 months ago

well, i guess in Russia cat chases dog

urinalturd in reply to paultaki (Show the comment) 7 months ago

i have a black and white hes retrated

lol the cat owns the dog at 0:37

dogcatcherish 8 months ago

Nice visuals. Lousy music.

lancethrustworthy 8 months ago

Your cat's got balls. Most cats who like to play with their dog housemates always sit back at somewhat of a distance and playfully bat at the dog while the poor schmuck bounces around air biting the punches. Your cat says 'to hell with all that noise, get in there!' xDD My cat usually chases my German Shepherd around and attaches herself to his tail when she catches him.

Forwardess 9 months ago

1:03  "Draw!"

Felix2142 10 months ago

lol so cute

kafkar 10 months ago

quite funny kitten...

hashmats 10 months ago

Beautiful video: great job! And the wrestlers are simply adorable <3

sleoid 11 months ago

My Russian Blue also gets stuck quite happily into my poodle cross. The dog's very gentle but if he gets too rough she jumps up to a higher place or finds a hidey hole where she can taunt him from. Meanwhile they sleep together and she cries if he's outside without her: they're inseperable.

alternika 1 year ago

My cat and dog play like this too! Razz Except I have a chihuahua so it's more of an even match. Razz

drumboy1313 1 year ago

Youre out of your mind.

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